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GAC Waters risk assessment

Important: all members must read.

GAC waters risk assess pdf
Sustainable Access Campaign Cymru
A coalition of organisations that support a common sense approach to public access to land and water in Wales to benefit both users and landowners
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Natural resources Wales is replacing the 0800 80 70 60 number for reporting pollution incidents and poaching etc. Please note new number below.

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Latest News
All Glamorgan Anglers Waters are Club Members Only.
No Day Tickets.
Bryn Hedges Pike Cup - 30th January.
Wednesday 13 January 2021
The Pike Cup Competition is cancelled until further notice.
Saturday 09 January 2021

Would members please note that in spite of the current Wales lockdown you should renew your membership for the 21/22 season as soon as possible. If you leave renewal until late March/April or May 21, the sheer number of applications anticipated will result in a delay. You cannot fish after 1 April 21 without the 21/22 licence being received.

Lockdown 20/12/2020
Saturday 20 December 2020
Welsh Government Tier 4 ruling, no driving to excersize and no justification to carry sports equipment. This means the waters will remain closed until further notice.
Restrictions state that you must not travel unless your journey is necessary.
Message from the Club Secretary – Paul Addecott
Monday 14 December 2020

Well I don’t think I can say anything that would in words cover what we have experienced in 2020, which we all hope there is light at the end of a very long tunnel. Many of us (me included) have had to put up with being stuck at home and just waiting for the right time to get back on the waters.
You will no doubt now be aware that for the first time ever, the Clubs Committee made the decision to reduce the 2021 License fees for everyone, which is a small way of saying thank you to everyone for continuing to support the Club.
Whilst I am on the subject of club Committee, it is worth noting that at the moment the average age of our Committee is 60+, with some of us closer to 70 than 60. It would be good if we could find some , shall we say “Younger” Club members who would like to think about joining the Committee and help us move forward and keep the Club running. If you have been a Club Member for more than 2 years and think you may be interested, then just call me or drop me an email and we can have a chat.
On a positive note, Brian has started repairing the pegs on Treoes where they are needing it and I am sure he will be moving onto the other waters in the New Year. We will need a couple of work parties in the New Year (Obviously COVID Dependant), but these we will advertised on the Web site, so if you can help out, it’s only a few hours on a weekend and it would be very much appreciated.
The Club waters are fishing quite well, but obviously the cold snaps have put some of the fish down, but you still have a great choice of winter fishing on our waters. The Rivers Taff, Ely are renown for the winter grayling fishing, which a float fished maggot will usually get you a few. The Trothy is very overlooked, but in the winter months when the Wye is up, the Trothy will produce good bags of Dace and small Chub. The Wye at Monmouth will produce the odd good size Pike and winter Chub and Barbel can also be targeted.
The Bay end of the Taff and Ely Rivers and the Bay itself will provide Winter Pike and Perch, but you do have to find the fish.
Our still waters are fishing quite well at the moment, Treoes has not only given the usual silver fishing sport, but a few nice Pike and Perch have also been taken, but please remember on this water, there is no lure fishing of any type.
Bishops pond (Groes Faen) has produced a few Pike but again it’s a case of finding where the fish are feeding. Llantrythid does give some excellent silver fishing opportunity and you can have a good day on a pint of maggots and some hemp. Gribbles Covert will provide silver fishing right through the winter months and when we make the call to close the pond to do the rectification works, we will advertise it in both Newsletters and on the Web site.
Barry Ponds have slowed down since we had the cold snap, but there are still good size Carp to Target on Sues Pond along with Winter Pike, whilst Carols Pond does seem to struggle with the Cold weather, but don’t forget there are some nice size Barbel and Carp to target on the warmer days.
Pyscodlin Mawr has also slowed down, but again worth a trip on the warmed winter days.
St y Nyll Top Pond has produces a couple of Pike, but no reports of larger size fish.
Port Talbot Dock is fishing very well for Pike as well as the silver fish, but please remember, we have been asked to ensure that if you do Pike fish this water, please use a minimum of 20lb main line. (You must ring Mr Morgan the day before you want to fish the Dock to book on).
The stocking programme for the river Taff and Ely continues this year, with again a significant release of Chub and Barbel in both rivers scheduled for early 2021.
Well it just leaves me on behalf of the Club to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you and your families. Tight Lines for 2021 and thank you for your continued support.


Treoes closure.
Sunday 13 December 2020
Treoes will be closed tomorrow till 10am for maintainance.
2021 provisional Match List
Friday 11 December 2020
Click the image to view full size
2021 match list
Llantrithyd closure
Thursday 10 December 2020
Llantrithyd will be closed tomorrow morning the11th until 10.30 am
Port Talbot Dock
Monday 07 December 2020

Would all members who fish Port Talbot Dock please ensure that when Pike Fishing use a minimum of 20lb line or Braid as your main line. Also if you are lure fishing or live baiting for Perch, you must use a wire trace. This has been requested by Mr Morgan.

Pyscodlin Mawr closure
Saturday 05 December 2020

Pyscodlin Mawr Pond will be Closed 14th and 15th December, as NRW will be working on the site and need to use heavy Machinery. The pond will re open 16th December.

Llantrithyd closure
Thursday 03 December 2020
Llantrithyd will be closed tomorrow morning the 4th until 10 am
Bryn Hedges Pike Cup.
Wednesday 02 December 2020

The Pike Cup Competition will be held at Port Talbot Dock on Saturday 30th January 21. Obviously this will be Covid restrictions dependant. If you would like to take part please contact Richard Turner by texting 07398 364044 or email chairman@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk

Port Talbot Dock winter fishing
Sunday 22 November 2020

Would all members who fish Port Talbot Dock, please during the winter months ensure they are off the water by 4pm

Llantrythid closure
Tuesday 17 November 2020
Llantrythid will be closed tomorrow 18th Nov till 9.30 am for maintainance
COVID Measures – Re-Opening of Club Waters.
Thursday 05 November 2020

As per the WAG recent announcement, all club waters will re-open on Monday 9th November 2020.
Obviously we will still be under COVID-19 advice and we ask all our members on Club waters to follow the Rules.

  • Where Ever Possible Fish Every Other Peg
  • One Senior and One Junior are permitted to share a Peg as long as they are from the same household.
  • Toilets will be Re-Opened, but usage is at your own risk. Please ensure you disinfect your hands before and after use. **
  • Please Respect Social Distancing at all times.
  • If a Club Bailiff requests to see your Club license, please have it available and show your Permit at arms length.
  • Please Disinfect your Hands before and after opening and closing the Gates/Locks.


Obviously as this Pandemic progresses, we will keep Members updated of further measures as they arise on the CLUB WEB SITE.
** The Toilet unit in Barry is out of order at the moment and will remain closed.

Lure Fishing on Club Waters
Thursday 05 November 2020

The Club rules in regards to Lure Fishing on our waters are as follows:
·         No Lure Fishing of any kind on Treoes Pond. (Including Drop Shotting and Fly fishing)
·         Wire Traces must be used on all types of lure Fishing which includes Drop Shotting.
·         Pike Fly Fishing is only permitted on Cardiff Bay area, Port Talbot Dock and the Wye.

Welsh Government Lockdown Restrictions
Monday 19 Octoberr 2020

All Club Waters will be closed from 6pm Friday 23rd October to 9th November in line with the Welsh Government Lockdown Restrictions announced today.

Thank you
Friday 09 Octoberr 2020
The Club would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Members for keeping to the waters within their areas during the current restrictions. Our Head Bailiff has reported back to the Committee that his Team are checking our waters and have advised no issues.
Roath Park Lake Fishing
Wednesday 07 Octoberr 2020

The Club has received confirmation that until Spring 2021, Fishing on Roath Park Lake is Free Fishing, but obviously you must be in possession of a current Rod License. This may provide an opportunity for members in Cardiff currently affected by the latest travel restrictions. A copy of the confirmation email will be attached to the club web site should anyone be questioned for fishing the lake.

Email in PDF

Unauthorised access
Tuesday 06 Octoberr 2020

Would members please be aware that there has been some unauthorised access to adjoining properties via Carols/Sues Lakes at Barry. Please be vigilant and report anything suspicious to the Treasurer or any other Club contact phone/email. Thank you.

Pike season
Thursday 01 Octoberr 2020

Pike season is now open till 31 of March

GAC Lockdown Update.
Sunday 27 September 2020

As most if not all Boroughs and Counties on South Wales are now in Lockdown restrictions, please only use your local Waters. For instance Treoes is only to be fished by Members residing in Bridgend Borough.
Please fish local. We have provided lists previously on here outlining where you can fish until local restrictions are lifted

COVID-19 Latest Updates for GAC Members.
Saturday 26 September 2020

As we seem to be entering into a second restriction phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Club is trying to ensure that as many Members as possible will have access to our waters for as long as the localised restrictions are in place. We recently contacted area MP’s to get clarification that we can localise our waters, which has been agreed.
At the time of writing this note, it looks imminent that Cardiff will also be under localised restrictions, which if it does come into effect, access to waters will be again reduced.
To ensure as many of you can at least have somewhere to fish, the proposed locations are:

Rhondda Cynon Taff Borough – Bishops Pond,
Bridgend Borough – Treoes Pond
Cardiff – River Taff, River Ely, Cardiff Bay (Should restrictions be imposed on Cardiff)
Neath and Port Talbot – Port Talbot Dock
Vale of Glamorgan – Barry Ponds, Llantrythid, Pyscodlin Mawr, Gribbles Covert, St Y Nyll Top pond
Monmouth – River Wye, River Trothy
Please only use your local waters.

Club Members residing in Merthyr Borough area.
Friday 25 September 2020

During the Merthyr Borough Lockdown, Members who reside in Merthyr Borough can use MTAA waters on a GAC license. This is ONLY during county lockdown and not permanent. You must present your current GAC License to any MTAA Bailiff or Official if asked.

Wye Cup
Wednesday 23 September 2020

In view of the ongoing increases in covid cases and local lockdowns, it has been decided to cancel this year"s Wye Cup this Sunday 27th September.  If we are able to rearrange it this season current attendees will be contacted and given priority.

Stay safe and enjoy fishing where you can

COVID-19 Lockdowns
Monday 21 September 2020
As Bridgend is going to be on local lock down from 18.00 Tuesday 22 09 20 and RCT already being on lockdown, all Club events are cancelled until further notice.
This will now mean that:
Residents of Rhondda Cynon Taff Borough will only have access to Bishops Pond.
Residents of Bridgend Borough will only have access to Treoes Pond
Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Residents have access to Pyscodlin Mawr Pond, St Y Nyll top pond, Barry Ponds, Gribbles Covert Pond, Llantrythid, Cardiff Bay, Port Talbot Dock, Rivers Taff and Ely and the Wye.
The Club will monitor the situation and re open waters to all, as restrictions change.
We do ask, please do not flout the Lockdown Restrictions, the quicker we get rid of COVID, the quicker we get back to normal. Club Bailiffs have been instructed to check licenses of everyone on our waters.
Disabled comps and junior comps
Monday 21 September 2020

Both disabled comps and junior comps cancelled until further notice due to localised lock downs.

Club Members living in Rhondda Cynon Taff area
Monday 21 September 2020
Club Members living in Rhondda Cynon Taff area can still fish Bishops Pond as it is in the RCT boundary.
Unfortunately until the Welsh Government eases restrictions in this area, the Club is unable to permit Members from RCT to fish any other Club water.
Wye Cup and Pike Fishing Teach In.
Thursday 17 September 2020

Any member who has put their name down for either of the two above events that live in either Caerphilly or Rhondda Cynon Taff areas must under no circumstances attend these events. We will obviously check against the names of the members who have put their names down to ensure the safety of other Club members.

Carol's Pond Toilets.
Wednesday 16 September 2020
Dow Corning have advised that during the Covid - 19 restrictions, the toilets in the Eco Centre both at the side of the building and inside will be locked until further notice.
Wye Cup Competition 27th September.
Wednesday 16 September 2020
This event is now full.
Pike Teach in - Treoes Pond 20th September.
Wednesday 16 September 2020
This event is now full. Pegs 1 to 7 will be closed for this event
This Saturdays Junior Competition
Wednesday 09 September 2020

This Saturdays Junior Competition will now take place on Gribbles Covert Pond.
The pond will be closed until 5pm.

Wye Cup Competition.
Monday 07 September 2020

Sunday 27th September. To book places, please either call Richard on 07398 364044 or email chairman@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk for details.

Pike Fishing Teach In.
Monday 07 September 2020
As our Pike season starts 1st October, the Club is offering Members the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of Pike Fishing at Treoes Pond on Sunday 20th September. The session will be from 10am to 2pm. The Club will be able to supply a few set ups should you wish to use them for the session.
There will be limited places, so book early. Call Paul on 07804 097857
24 Hour Carp Competitions revised dates.
Monday 07 September 2020

3rd October - Sues Pond
17th October - Treoes
7th November - Sues Pond
28th November - Llantrhthid
These competitions are open to all Club members and provides an excellent opportunity to members to give overnight Carp Fishing a go.
For details contact Neil Angove on 07534 266441

24 Hour Carp Comp – Sues Pond 05/06 September
Friday 04 September 2020
Due to the number of members attending the 24 Hour Carp Comp, Sues Pond will be closed from 8am Saturday 5th September to 9am Sunday 6th September.
Port Talbot Dock – Access.
Wednesday 02 September 2020

If any Club Member is unable to get hold of Mr Morgan (07886 301754) to pre book the next day on the Dock, you can call Andy Hoare (07543 216986) and pre book the day before.
Under no circumstances are Members allowed to access the site without pre booking, or after dark hours. Any Club Member found on the site without pre authorisation will be reported to the Club and may face being expelled from the Club.

Port Talbot Dock
Friday 28 August 2020

Due to the drop in Temperature, Pike Fishing can now resume on the Dock.

Friday 28 August 2020
As from today Gribbles is now open.
Pole fishing on club waters
Sunday 23 August 2020

Would all Club Members please ensure that when Pole fishing on any Club water, under no circumstances are you permitted to use a second rod if fishing the pole. A second rod can be used if the pole is shipped away from the water and is not fishing.

Revised match dates
Saturday 15 August 2020

Saturday 22nd August 20 24 Hour Carp Comp (Marmite Shield) contact Treoes Neil Angove 07534 266441 9am-9am         
Thursday 27th August 20 Disabled Competition Treoes contact Ian Lewis 07824 430683 10am - 2pm Gerald Lee Shield
Saturday 29th Augusrt 20 Junior Comp  Llantrythid contact Andy Hoare 07543 216986 1pm -4pm Albert Smith Cup
Saturday 5th September 20 24 Hour Carp Comp Sues Pond contact Neil Angove 07534 266441 9am-9am
Thursday 10th September Disabled Competition Treoes contact Ian Lewis 07824 430683 10am - 2pm
Saturday 12th September Junior Comp Treoes contact Andy Hoare 07543 216986 1pm -4pm       
Thursday 24th September Disabled Competition Treoes contact Ian Lewis 07824 430683 10am - 2pm
Saturday 26th September Junior Comp Llantrythid contact Andy Hoare 07543 216986      1pm -4pm
Sunday 27th September 20 WYE Cup R Wye contact Richard Turner 07398 364044 9am - 4pm Wye Cup
Saturday 3rd October 20 24 Hour Carp Comp Sues Pond contact Neil Angove 07534 266441 9am-9am      
Thursday 8th October Disabled Competition Treoes contact Ian Lewis 07824 430683         10am - 2pm
Saturday 10th October Junior Competition Treoes contact Andy Hoare 07543 216986       12am -5pm
Thursday 22nd October Disabled Competition Treoes contact Ian Lewis 07824 430683 10am - 2pm
Sunday 8th November 20 Bryn Hedges Pike Cup Port contact Talbot Dock Richard Turner 07398 364044 8am-4pm Bryn Hedges Pike Cup
Saturday 5th December 20 Junior Comp (Santa Comp) contact Treoes Andy Hoare 07543 216986 11am-1pm

Next seasons Rod License Fees, which NRW have again not increased.
Thursday 13 August 2020
Click the pic to view larger
Fishing Port Talbot dock
Saturday 08 August 2020

A reminder to all members that you Must call Dai Morgan at least the day before fishing Port Talbot dock to book your place.  If you are then unable to fish you MUST call Dai to cancel.  This is for health and safety reasons as the authorities need details of all people at the dock in the event of an incident.  Failure to comply may jeopardise our lease so please ensure you follow these instructions to enable continued use of this unique water

Junior and Disabled Members Competitions
Saturday 01 August 2020
Junior Competitions will recommence August.
If you require further details contact Andy on 07543 216986.
August 29th Llantrhthid
September 12th Treoes
September 26th Llantrhthid
October 10th Treoes

Disabled Members Competitions will also recommence on Thursdays as before.
For details call Ian on 07824 430683

All Disabled Comps will be on Treoes.
August 13th and 27th
September 10th and 24th
October 8th and 22nd

If any local lockdown is imposed by the Government, then the competitions during those times will be cancelled. Please call Andy or Ian for further details.
Barbless Hooks
Sunday 19 July 2020

It has come to our notice that some members are unsure of our hook rule.
We only allow barbless hooks on all our waters with the exception of a semi barbless hook/ micro barbed as a bait holder when pike fishing. We hope this clears this up.

2020 Club Competitions from July 2020
Please note that these may change if COVID restrictions are changed at short notice.
Sunday 19 July 2020

18th July 20
24 Hour Carp Comp
Neil Angove 07534 266441

1st August
Junior Fishing Session
Carols Pond
Ian Lewis 07824 430683
10am - 2pm

Junior Teach In Session
22nd August 20
24 Hour Carp Comp (Marmite Shield)
Neil Angove 07534 266441

29th August 20
Junior Fishing Session
Ian Lewis 07824 430683
10am - 2pm

Junior Teach In Session
5th September 20
24 Hour Carp Comp
Sues Pond
Neil Angove 07534 266441

27th September 20
R Wye
Richard Turner 07398 364044
9am - 4pm
Wye Cup

3rd October 20
24 Hour Carp Comp
Sues Pond
Neil Angove 07534 266441

10th October
Junior Competition
Andy Hoare 07543 216986
12am -5pm

8th November 20
Bryn Hedges Pike Cup
Port Talbot Dock
Richard Turner 07398 364044
Bryn Hedges Pike Cup

5th December 20
Junior Comp (Santa Comp)
Andy Hoare 07543 216986

24 Hour Carp Competition.
Thursday 16 July 2020

Llantrythid will be closed from 8am Saturday 18th July to 9am Sunday 19th July 9am for a Club 24 Hour Carp Competition.

Club Toilets.
Monday 13 July 2020
The toilet facilities will reopen from Saturday 18th July. It will be the choice of members to decide to use the facilities. You must provide your own hand sanitizer and the toilets must be kept clean. If the toilets are not kept in a clean condition, we will have no option but to close them again. Under no circumstances are members to use the surrounding areas of our waters as a toilet as this is a health hazard.
Keep your eyes open
Thursday 09 July 2020
Guest/Children Access to our waters
Monday 06 July 2020

The Club would like to confirm current Guest/Children Access to our waters. At this time, there are no Guest Permits being issued for any Club water, which will be in place for the foreseeable future.

With regards to Children accompanying Senior Members on any of our Waters, only one Child is permitted to accompany a Senior Member and must be from the same household and must fish the same peg (Welsh Government Regulation for COVID-19) . Under no circumstances are Families allowed to accompany a Member on any of our waters to spectate. If the Child is under 12 Years of age, they do not require a Rod License or a Club License. Over 12 but under 16 the NRW will issue a free Rod license on line. The Junior will require to be in possession of a Junior Club license
24 hour Carp Competition - Llantrithyd
Sunday 05 July 2020

The Club will hold a 24 hour Carp Competition on Llantrithyd Lake Saturday 18th July. Fish 9am Saturday to 9am Sunday. Obviously Social distancing measures apply at all times. Maximum of 20 anglers.
To book a place and for details you must call Neil Angove on 07534 266441. You do not need to be a night group member to enter. No bookings will be accepted on Facebook.

Pyscodlin Mawr - New Lease
Friday 03 July 2020

Would all Club Members who wish to fish Pyscodlin Mawr Pond please be aware that the new lease does ask us as a Club to observe the following:
Members of the Public are permitted to walk around the pond, so please especially if you are using a pole, you must allow the public to walk behind you and not leave pole sections across any pathway.
You can however remind walkers that dogs should be on a lead.
Please park sensibly and not block walkways or horse riding routes.
Ensure you always take your litter home.
A maximum of two Night Group Members permitted on the pond overnight at one time.
No cutting back Trees or Foliage, although the Club does have permission to control the lilies and pond Weed, but only the Head Bailiff allowed to organise such works.
Club Bailiff team members will be patrolling whenever possible, but as Club Members you have the right to request to see another Anglers permit.
Please report any breaches of Club rules to the Head Bailiff.

Pyscodlin Mawr – Re opening.
Friday 03 July 2020

Pyscodlin Mawr Pond will re-open to Club members as of Monday 6th July. The Bailiff Team will change the lock to allow access from first light Monday 6th.

Tackle shops opening
Monday 22 June 2020

Garry Evan's tackle shops are now open for normal business 0900-1730 Mon-Fri and 0900-1700 Sat.  Please note access is limited to 4 people at a time.

Tony's  Tackle in Caerphilly is also open for click and collect orders

Message from the head bailiff.
Sunday 21 June 2020

Our volunteer bailiff team strive to ensure that members not only enjoy their days’ fishing but also do all possible to ensure that fish welfare is optimised through adherence to club rules.  From time to time and not infrequently, they are subjected to levels of abuse that should not be tolerated, including from non- members who are removed from our waters to protect our fishing.
Most frequent instances of non-adherence include the lack of unhooking mats and failure to use large enough landing nets.  For the avoidance of doubt, we stipulate that a minimum of 22 inches diameter must be used for general fishing, increasing to 36 inches when specimen fishing for pike and carp (and recommended for river barbel).  Members are also reminded that you must at all times remain within 2 metres of any rods which have bait in the water.  Apart from being asked to retrieve untended rods, I’m sure everyone will agree that it does a fish no good to trail someone’s rod and line around our lakes!
Would all members please be aware that the team generally do a great job, handling sensitive issues with significant tact.  Please ensure that club rules are complied with to make their jobs and your enjoyment of our waters easier.  We do not tolerate abusive behaviour and anyone displaying such will likely to be asked to leave the water and may jeopardise their entitlement to fish.  

Llantrythid Update
Friday 19 June 2020

All pegs on Llantrythid are now fishable and open to Members.

Angling Initiative – Unwanted Fishing Tackle Collections Saturday 20th June.
Thursday 18 June 2020

Just a reminder that if anyone has any unwanted Gear that they would like to donate to the Angling Initiative, there will be collection points at Sues Pond Barry and Treoes on Saturday 20th June, between 10am and 3pm
Ian Lewis will be at Treoes and Paul Addecott will be at Sues Pond to receive the unwanted items.
The Angling Initiative provides Fishing Set Ups for youngsters who are unable to fund their own gear and gives them a start into the sport. The Initiative is run by Kevin Clark who is based in Cwmbran, so the kit does stay local. Kevin has already donated some gear to some of our Clubs juniors in the past.
So get digging out your tackle stores and anything that you do not use and can be utilised, please bring it along.

Treoes Pond work party.
Wednesday 17 June 2020

If any members are available after 5 pm on Wednesday 24th June, there is quite a bit of weed growing in Treoes that requires pulling out. If  you can attend and have chest waders, even better.
Pictures show our head Bailiff Brian, along with Committee members Adrian Corrigan and Andy King opening pegs 27 and 28 up to make them fishable this evening.

Click the pic to view larger
work party treoes
Treoes Maintenance Work,
Friday 12 June 2020

Would Members please be aware that there will be disruption at Treoes Pond on 22/23 June. A Tree Surgeon will be working around the pond and there will be areas closed to members and noise disruption over the two days.

Night Group members.
Thursday 11 June 2020

Night Fishing is now permitted on Sue's Pond Barry. Maximum of two Night Group Members per night, no Guests. You must book prior with the Head Bailiff. Night fishing is also permitted on Treoes. Bishops and Llantrhthid.

Angling Initiative Tackle Collection. Saturday 20th June.
Thursday 11 June 2020

The Club will be collecting any old pieces of Fishing equipment any Members would like to donate to the Angling Initiative, who voluntarily collect unused items of Fishing Gear and put together Fishing kits for Children who are unable to finance their own kit, but are desperate to start Fishing.
We will have collection points on Saturday 20th June at Sues pond, Barry and at Treoes Pond between 10am and 3pm.
So if anyone has any unwanted Tackle items they would like to donate, please bring them along, whether its old Rods, reels, Seat boxes, Terminal Tackle, nets……
All will be very gratefully received and appreciated by others.

Club Committee 2020/21
Thursday 11 June 2020

Due to the Club being unable to hold the AGM that was scheduled to be held in May, the Club Committee will remain as was voted by the membership at the 2019 AGM. This is obviously due to the COVID-19 Lockdown, which meant that we were unable to take a vote.

Gribbles Covert Update.
Thursday 11 June 2020

Gribbles Covert will remain closed for the foreseeable future due to the drastically low water levels. An oxygenator has been deployed to help ease the stress to the fish stocks and we are looking into possible alternatives to get a water supply back into the pond.

Llantrythid  opening
Tuesday 09 June 2020
Llantrhthid Lake. The Lake will be open as of 10th June, but four pegs are closed due to low water level.
Social Distancing
Monday 08 June 2020

It's been brought to my attention that members fishing Treoes since we have reopened are regularly walking away from their rods to talk to either their mate in the next peg or just to chat to another angler, on Sunday Treoes was packed and a few members had to be talked to by committee members who were fishing themselves and observing said members doing this, GUYS what is wrong with you?? Have you forgotten the sign on the gate about social distancing?? If this keeps happening then I shall inform my Bailiff to eject said members from the water, further more the committee allowed two rods to be used on the Barry ponds through the winter and decided to carry it on through this summer, it was decided that we would keep an eye on the ponds and here we go an unattended rod has been dragged in to Sue's pond and lost GUYS if it keeps occurring then we shall have to go back to one rod rule again😒, so if all those members who fish Barry please be observant of your fellow anglers and their methods, if need be point out to them what they are doing wrong. Tight lines, Brian (Head Bailiff).

Llantrythid  Re-opening 2:
Monday 08 June 2020

Llantrythid will re-open Wednesday 10 06 20. There are Four Pegs that will not be open due to the low water level and these will be clearly marked.

Night Group Members, please use the old Car Park if you are night Fishing in order that the Car Park has availability for daytime Anglers
Llantrythid  Re-opening:
Thursday 04 June 2020

Due to the extreme low water levels on Llantrythid, the Club had no choice but to close the water whilst work was completed to get the levels up to average summer water level. This is being done and we can now re-open the lake to Members as of Wednesday 10th June.

St Y Nyll top pond
Sunday 31 May 2020

St Y Nyll top pond is open from 1st June. If you intend fishing opening morning, please respect the reserved signs on a few of the pegs, where members have been up there dragging weed out of their chosen swim for tomorrow.

Gribbles covert Closure.
Thursday 21 May 2020

As from this afternoon gribbles covert will closed until further notice, due to low water level

Fish care
Thursday 21 May 2020
Hi guys, just a little note to the members, at this time of year it would normally be closed season, (14/3 to 16/6) for those who can remember the closed season, so at this time of year the Carp are heavily gravid (full of spawn) and we are not doing them any favours lifting them out of the water for pics and weighing, so please guys try to unhook them in the water as there body weight in the water is neutral and when lifted out all that weight along with gravity works against them, it's simple to slip the hook out in the net and just release them, pics can be taken anytime during the year but this is not a very good time to haul them out on to bank.
Llantrithyd Lake Closure.
Monday 18 May 2020

Please be aware that Llantrithyd Lake is closed until further notice. Unfortunately the Lake suffered a large leak that our Head Bailiff has recently repaired. The water level dropped to a very low level and has not, due to the warm dry weather been able to replenish. The Clubs Bailiff team are working on the problem and we do hope to Re open as soon as possible.

Ewenny Angling open for click and collect.
Thursday 14 May 2020

Ewenny Angling is open for click and collect daily 10 am to 1pm.
White maggots in stock from Saturday

Club waters opening with COVID-19 Precautionary Measures
Thursday 14 May 2020

The Club would like to thank its Members for their patience in allowing us to prepare the waters in readiness to re-open for fishing after the Welsh Assembly notification last night.
Obviously there will be restrictions put on all of us, but these restrictions are for everyone’s safety and well-being.

The Following Still Waters will open as of Monday 18th May 2020.
·           Treoes Pond
·           Llantrythid – There is still a 6 vehicle restriction on this pond. Please only fish pegs to the left of the Island as you look at the pond from the Car Park.
·           Barry Ponds
·           Gribbles Covert pond
·           Bishops Pond

Pyscodlin Mawr remains Closed for the time being

St y Nyll Top Pond will open 1st June.

Coarse Fishing on Rivers remains as June 16th opening.

Please respect Social Distancing and follow the guidelines published.

You will find a number of pegs have been closed. Please respect these closures.

Any Member found either refusing to abide by or flaunting these rules may face expulsion from the Club.
1. It is the Members responsibility at all times to supply their own Anti - Bacterial materials (i.e. Hand Wipes, Gel) and to ensure that no wipes or Gloves are left on either the bank side or at gates.
2. Please sanitise your hands before and after opening locks and gates. Gloves should be worn whilst opening and closing the locks and hands cleaned after removal of the Gloves. Covid-19 can be transmitted from the Locks and gates.
3. Please ensure you keep all gates locked.
4. Toilet and communal areas are closed until further notice.
5. Members must ensure that they adhere to social distancing rules, keeping a minimum of 2m apart at all times. With some waters, the paths are quite close to the pegs, so please keep to the opposite side of the path as much as possible and no stopping for chats, please go straight to your chosen peg. If at all possible keep to every other peg.
6. The only exception to one person per peg is a Senior and Junior Member may fish the same peg, but must be family members living in the same building, Father/Son, Father/Daughter. 1 x Senior Member, 1 x Junior Member.
7. Any Peg that is Taped or Cordoned off must not be fished.
8. If a still water requires maintenance, the Pond will be closed during this time. Notices will be placed on the gates and the Web Site.
9. If you or a member of your family living in the same building shows symptoms of COVID-19, you must not go fishing until you have been given the all clear.
These Rules are for your and everyone else’s safety and well-being. Any Member found not complying with the above could face expulsion from the Club.
If you are unsure, please either Contact the Club Secretary or the Head Bailiff.

License Renewal:
Wednesday 13 May 2020

Would all Members who have not yet renewed their License and with indications that we could possibly be Fishing in the next few weeks, please be mindful that if Mr Roberts receives an influx of renewals, he can only deal with a set amount in one day and therefore please allow up to three weeks for your new License if he does get very busy.

GAC    COVID-19 Update
Tuesday 12 May 2020

The Club would like to clarify any uncertainty that at the moment seems to stem from recent announcements. The Club will keep the waters closed for the time being whilst we seek clarification from both the Welsh Assembly and Angling Cymru. We are making every effort to ensure that once we do get clarity, we can re-open our still waters and ensure that we put your safety first.
Obviously River Fishing at present does not commence until June 16th.
When the Club does make an announcement to re-open, details will be published on the official Club Web Site.

Club Waters Update.
Tuesday 07 April 2020

We would remind all Club Members that at this time all Club Waters are Closed, which is in keeping with the Government Guide Lines. With this weekend being the Easter break and the Weather forecast being a nice few days, please do not try and get access to the waters, as the Head Bailiff has changed the Gate Locks in order that we do our upmost to ensure we abide by all current guidelines.
Our prime goal is to ensure that we protect not only all of you as best we can, but also do our bit to protect our NHS services.
The Clubs committee do hope that all of you and your families are keeping well and  let’s all hope that this Pandemic is over quite soon and we can all get back to our fishing.

When we can fish again.
Tuesday 28 April 2020

The Angling trusts proposal to Government to get us fishing safely again

Click here to read the article

The Angling initiative
Saturday 11 April 2020

Hi everyone, I suppose I’m not the only one that has cleaned and tidied my gear more than once lately in the vain hope that we can get back on the bank soon. With this in mind, if any of you have gear you don't use, you know the stuff I mean, that old rod collecting dust of that reel that has sat on the shelf for years.
Well once this awful pandemic is over; it would be good as a Club to do something for the younger people, who may want to get into our sport. The Angling initiative is run by a gentleman by the name of Kevin Clarke, who collects unwanted gear from all over UK, puts fishing sets together and donates the kit, free of charge to youngsters who may not have the means to get their own gear, but want to start fishing. So if you do have any unwanted gear that you want to donate, we will set up a weekend at Treoes where the kit can be dropped off; also we will set up at Barry ponds for the same. We will then arrange to get the kit to Kevin and the Angling initiative.

GAC waters
Wednesday 25 March 2020

In the light of ongoing developments, current government instruction regarding essential travel only and other angling clubs' having shut their waters, we regrettably have no option but to close all GAC waters with immediate effect and until further notice.  Member's compliance with this decision is appreciated and we shall endeavour to re- open as soon as practical.  

In the meantime, all members stay safe, and please refer to the website for updates

AGM Cancellation
Saturday 28 March 2020

As everyone is no doubt aware this years AGM has been Cancelled. To enable all Club Members to have the opportunity to ask questions that would have been asked at the AGM, please email the Club Secretary your questions, which when all questions have been collated, we will put up a page on the web site where all questions and answers will be posted along with the name of the Member asking the question. Please do not post your question on Facebook, as only a small percentage of both Club Members and Committee members use this, so it would not be fair on all Members submitting questions to  have answers given by an individual. The Committee are now holding meetings by electronic means, for which we will use the May meeting to get all the questions answered. This means that you will need to submit your questions no later than 30th April 2020.


Port Talbot Dock
Saturday 28 March 2020

Port Talbot Dock is now closed to angling until further notice.

Licence Fees
Wednesday 25 March 2020

The Club will work on a special price part year to 31/3/21 licence for members who want to join after the closures are lifted and will offer members who have already joined and paid the full 1/4/20 to 31/3/21 licence charge, a special discount on their year ended 31/3/22 licence charge. Further details will be agreed when we know the dates when the closures can be lifted. Look on the club website.
please don't e mail for details and eligibility, we will contact members once finalised

Port Talbot Dock
Tuesday 24 March 2020

Please be aware that Port Talbot Dock is closed to Angling until further notice.

(Coronavirus Pandemic)
Monday 23 March 2020

The Club will be following all Government Guidelines in regards to the ongoing Pandemic.
At the time of posting this Notice, the Club will keep all our waters open for members to use, although please be aware that you use the waters at your own risk.

1. The Senior Committee , Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Head Bailiff will continue Monthly Committee meetings on Electronic means and not meeting in person, to ensure we can keep the Club running as best as possible.

2. ALL Club events are cancelled until further notice.

3. Any Members fishing our waters, please respect Social Distancing and keep a minimum of 2m apart from any other Angler. Most of our pegs are well apart, but if possible fish every other peg to extend the distancing. Do not congregate in the Club lean to at Treoes.

4. If you do attend any Club water and approached by a Bailiff or Member who asks for your license, the distancing ruling will be in place and all we ask is you have your license in your pocket and can show your license from a 2m distance.

5. If you do decide to travel, use the closest water to your home.

6. We cannot provide antiseptic wipes for locks or gates so if you do have them, please use them on the locks and gates.

What is happening is nothing that any of us could have predicted or envisaged. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES AND KEEP SAFE.

Paul Addecott
Club Secretary

Suspected KHV Outbreak – Wills Pond Bridgend
Friday 20 March 2020

Would all Club members please ensure that they dip all landing nets and mats prior to fishing any Club water. This is especially important as there has been a suspected KHV Virus outbreak at Wills pond in Bridgend, where we believe they have had a considerable Fish Death rate over the last week. Please Dip your nets before and after fishing any Club water as a precaution. If you are seen not dipping your nets prior to setting up, Bailiffs are instructed to ask you to leave the water and will take your license number.
It is not just the responsibility of Bailiffs to enforce this, you all as Club members are asked to be vigilant in order we protect our fish stocks.
When you get home, the best way to dry your nets in the fresh air.

Angling Cymru Statement 19th March 2020
Friday 20 March 2020

Given the quickly changing environment and Government response to Covid-19, Angling Cymru strongly advisesagainst smaller indoor gatherings and larger outdoor gatherings.  This applies to all National, Regional and Club/Association meetings which are due to take placein coming weeks. If a meeting is deemed to be urgent then we advise this should take place via telephone or video conferencing.

Angling Cymru advises against group boat trips, as social distancing and frequent handwashingor sanitisation is almost impossible on a boat. For small outdoor gatherings we advise that Government guidance is followed –maintain social distancing, frequent hand washing or sanitisation and asking members to not attend if they are experiencing any symptoms.

This advice applies to all club/association activities, competitions, events, training sessions, group activities or gatherings set to be hosted by or attended by Angling Cymru or their partner National Governing Bodies(Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers and Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers) affiliated clubs, associationsand members.

We will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis and will issue further statements, if necessary,as the situation develops. Please remember that if we don’t all makeeffortsto keep ourselves safe as we can now, then the Government will introduce more draconian measures, as has been seen in other countries.

Angling Cymru Board of Directors

Treoes – Bait Supplies.
Thursday 19 March 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and Government advice into Social Distancing, Ewenny Angling have agreed to take orders for Bait etc. for all Club members who will be Fishing Treoes pond and deliver free of charge to the Pond, as long as the order is over £10.00. To order call Keith on 01656 650604. This offer is for Treoes Pond only.
Should any Travel restrictions be placed by the Government, then obviously this offer cannot continue during this time

Barry ponds two rod trial.
Wednesday 18 March 2020

We are now coming to the end of the two rod trial at Barry ponds and we are pleased to say that so far it has been a success, so in light of that we are going to extend it through the summer months. The same rule only rods with bait runners will still apply. So keep up the good work everyone.

Junior pike fishing day
Sunday 15 March 2020

The junior pike fishing day which was scheduled for the 21st march has now been cancelled.

2020 Work Parties
Thursday 27 February 2020

The Club is asking for volunteers to help our Bailiff team prepare two of our waters for the new season. Sunday 29th March at Treoes Pond and Sunday 5th April at Bishops Pond Groes Faen. Both start at 9am. If you can help. Please contact either the Head Bailiff or any Club official. The more hands we get to help, the better job we can do.

New salmon and sea trout byelaws RiversTaff, Ely and Rhymney
Friday 07 February 2020

Click here for English PDF
Click here for Welsh PDF

Club Open Competition – Port Talbot Dock
Wednesday 05 February 2020

The Club would like to gauge the interest from Members in taking part in a Members only Competition on Port Talbot Dock. Obviously as Keep-nets are permitted on the Dock, Members will be allowed to use them for the Competition. We are looking at staging the Competition in April and as we have a number of existing Club Cups available, a Cup will be awarded to the winner at this years AGM.
If this event is a success, we will look at more of these events on the Dock. As there are already scheduled Competitions on the venue on Sundays, these Club Comps will take place on Saturdays. The events will be open to both Senior and Junior Members, but any Junior must be accompanied as part of our lease agreement.
If you are interested, then please use the poll on our facebook page as this will allow us to gauge numbers.

Pyscodlin Mawr – Closure.
Saturday 01 February 2020

Would all Club Members please note that Pyscodlin Mawr Pond will be closed from today 1st February 2020 until further notice. This is due to the Forestry Commission Harvesting Trees in the Pond Area, which for Health and Safety means that it becomes a restricted area. The Club will advise as to when the Pond will re-open later this year. The Club lock will be changed on the access gate.

Junior Pike Fishing Teach in.
Friday 31 January 2020

The Club is offering all Club Junior Members the opportunity to learn about fishing for Pike. The Teach in will be held on Saturday 21st March, between 10am and 2pm on Treoes Pond. The teach in is free and tackle can be provided. If you are interested and would like to attend, please either Contact Andy Hoare. Tel : 07543 216986

Bryn Hedges Pike Competition Saturday 25th January 2020
Thursday 30 January 2020

This year’s Bryn Hedges competition was held at our new and exciting venue, Port Talbot dock, on 25th January.  Our best ever turn-out of 13 hardy anglers, including two juniors and holder and previous 2-time winner, Dave Carnell rocked up to experience the unique thrill of throwing their bait into 25 feet of uncharted water.
First blood went to junior, Jaydn Brown, who wangled a 3lb jack on only his second cast with a lure.  Sadly, (especially for me for as I was fishing that section!) there was no more action in this area until a pike gratefully took a discarded dead bait at the end.
Meanwhile at the top of the stretch and also off the boardwalks, the pike had decided to feed.  Gareth Davies, our resident newshound thoroughly routed the competition to win with three pike for 23lb, including a lovely 14 pounder, while Chris Stott snatched the runner’s up spot from Jaydn with two Jacks for 5lb.
Overall, a brilliant day was had by all.  Thanks to everyone for attending and particularly to Dai (the worm) Morgan, our landlord for his hospitality and tips.  If you haven’t fished the dock, it’s a brilliant general coarse and pike venue – you never know what will take your bait next, eels, bass, big bream, roach, perch, tench and mullet – take your pick!
Keep your eyes on our website for details of the next Bryn Hedges and potential other “pilot” matches that we may be holding – nothings serious, just fun, good company and hopefully (as John Wilson would say) “Lovely fish”


The Champ – Lovely smile (and Gareth’s happy too)

Junior Pike Master – Jaydn Brown

It’s not all action

Bryn Hedges Pike Cup
Sunday 19 January 2020
The Pike Cup Competition is now full. Would the Members attending the event please be aware that the gates will be opened at 8am at Port Talbot Dock. Book in and Draw 8 to 8.30 fish 9 to 3. All Pike fishing methods permitted. If you intend to livebait, only small silvers caught on the day permitted. No livebait over 4 inches. Maximum 2 rods per Angler. Please be aware that there will be day ticket Anglers on the site as well
Bryn Hedges Pike Cup
Friday 03 January 2020

Just a reminder this years Pike Cup will take place on Saturday 25th January 2020 on Port Talbot Dock.
Book in at 8am, fish 9an to 3pm.
There will be limited place so first come, first served.
For booking either email: chairmangac@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk or text 07804 097857

NYE Charity Comp
Friday 03 January 2020

A big thanks to everyone who turned up today for the NYE Charity Comp. The Club raised just over £400 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. I hope you all enjoyed it and have a great New Year. We'll done to the winners, although to be honest you were all winners today.

Click the image to see more pics
NYE Charity Comp
Treoes Closure
Friday 27 December 2019

Please be reminded that Treoes is Closed on New Year's Eve for the Charity Event. If any member would like to take part in the event, please call or text 07804 097857.

2019 Review – Paul Addecott (Hon Sec)
Friday 13 December 2019

As 2019 comes to a close and most of us are thinking about that piece of Fishing Gear that Santa is going to leave us, I thought it would be an idea to let everyone know that over the past year, the Committee has worked hard to ensure that you will be able to visit any of 10 Still waters on offer to our Members over Christmas. You are no doubt aware that as of the 1st December, Members now have access to Port Talbot Dock, which for those who have not fished this venue, offers some Prolific Silver Fish and Pike Fishing. All you must remember to do before your visit, is to Call Mr Morgan on 07886 301754 the day before your intended visit. This is not to keep an eye on who goes down there, but is a Health and  Safety requirement, so Mr Morgan knows who is on the Venue.

The Club has recently stocked the Rivers Ely and Taff with in excess of 8000 Fish, mainly Barbel and Chub, but also we have been introducing Roach to the Rivers as well. This is a long term commitment by the Club to attempt to enhance the Fishing on our local rivers.
Our Head Bailiff has now built some fishing platforms on our stretch of the Wye at Monmouth as were promised, but please ensure you are careful, as they will be slippery as the Wye has been in flood of late and there will be a layer of silt or mud on the platforms.
Treoes pond has last week received a new stock of Bream, which will further enhance the silver fishing on this venue. We have a Charity Fishing event on Treoes on New Years Eve, which is open to all Club Members, which is a bit of fun and a chance for some of you to test out your new Christmas gear. Entry is £5 per Angler and We will be holding a raffle with some excellent Prizes. If you want to have a go, just call or Text 07804 097857 after 5pm to book a place. The Club has donated a Years License for the lucky Winner.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Clubs officials for their hard work over the past year and thank you as Members for supporting the Club. I am sure the good news will continue in 2020, with hopefully some excellent News for you in early 2020.
Finally I would on behalf of the Club, like to take this opportunity to wish every Member and their families a Very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Fish stocking news
Saturday 7 December 2019

We have stocked 8000 barbel and chublets all around 4inches into the Taff along with a hundred of the bigger Barbel about a lb each, 750 bream around 12 ounces also put into Treoes.

The Club has stocked the River Taff with a mixture of 5,000 small 4” chub and barbel. A similar number also went into the River Ely. In addition 100 one pound barbel and 200 half pound barbel went into the Taff. The Club would like to thank NRW for their contribution towards this restocking.
Click here to view images
New Years Eve Charity Fishing  Event
Saturday 7 December 2019
Any members who would like to take part in the New Year's Eve Event, please call 07804 097857 after 5pm to book a place.
Entry is £5 per Angler. The Club we donate a year's Coarse Licence for the winner. This is a fun event and is open to both Senior and Junior Members. There will also be a raffle, with some nice tackle prizes.
Draw pegs 08.00 to 08.30, fish 09.00 to 15.00. Bacon sarnies and hot tea and coffee for all
Bryn Hedges Pike Cup
Tuesday 3 December 2019

This years Pike Cup will take place on Saturday 25th January 2020 on Port Talbot Dock.
Book in at 8am, fish 9an to 3pm.
There will be limited place so first come, first served.
Juniors must be accompanied by a senior club member.
If the weather means the dock unfishable the comp will be moved to Bishops pond.

For booking either email: chairmangac@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk or text 07804 097857
Pyscodlyn Mawr
Suniday 1 December 2019

Pyscodlyn Mawr will be closed from 2/1/20 until further notice (but could reopen 1/4/20 - look for further info on website & next newsletter March 20) to allow the Forestry Commission to Harvest the trees around the pond. The Gate lock will be changed on 2/1/20 to prevent access & The Club will regularly bailiff the water, should anyone be found fishing after 2/1/20 either by the Club or the Forestry Commission Contractors, they will be instantly banned from the Club.

Friday 29 November 2019

The Club is very pleased to announce that Members can now fish Port Talbot Dock long arm on your valid GAC License. There are specific
rules you will need to follow in order that we keep the Fishing lease and we are sure that Members will abide by the rules.
CLUB ACCESS WILL COMMENCE 1st DECEMBER 2019. There are a set of specific rules applicable only to Port Talbot Docks detailed below -
NOTE, THESE ONLY APPLY TO PORT TALBOT DOCKS, normal Club rules continue to apply to all our other waters.
Licenses, Permits and permission to Fish.
A. All Anglers must ring Mr Morgan the day before they intend to fish, between 10am and 7pm to obtain his permission to fish. Mr Dai
Morgan reserves the right to not allow any fishing on the days when he considers the weather conditions to be hazardous. His decision
is final. You cannot just turn up on the water and expect to fish. TEL :- 07886 301754
B. All Anglers must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency /NRW Rod License. GAC members must have their Club Permit
before starting to fish. These must be produced on request from Bailiffs. Any person who is unable to produce either, or both,
documents will be told to leave the water

2020/2021 Application Form
Friday 29 November 2019

The 2020/21 licence forms are now available but applications will not be granted till the 1st of December.

Do you want to tie and catch fish on your own flies?
Sunday 20 October 2019
Fly Dressers Guild Cardiff Branch
Click here for more information
Saturday 12 October 2019

The Club has agreed to trial 2 rods on Barry Ponds during the Autumn and Winter. 2 rods will be permitted until 31st March. If you are using 2 rods, both must have bait runners, which includes float rods if your second rod is a sleeper rod. We will review again at the end of winter to see how we go forward. So it's up to you guys to make this work. If no rods get pulled in the more chance it will stay.

Sunday 10 October 2019

The Club will hold a Pike Fishing Teach in for any Club Members interested on Saturday 23rd November at Treoes Pond. Timings are 10 am to 3pm. Any Club Member interested in coming along, please contact Richard Turner on 07398 364044 (AFTER 6pm) or email Chairman@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk
If you do not have Pike Gear, the Club does have a small amount Pike gear you can use, but please state if you need this on application.

Pike fishing
Saturday 28 September 2019

Members please be aware that Pike fishing on Club still waters commences 1st October. Only blast frozen dead baits are permitted. This year Pike fishing is also permitted on Treoes. Any member found Pike fishing using live baits will be in breach of Club rules. Pike fishing is permitted on Treoes, St Y Nyll top pond, Bishops Pond, Sue's Pond and Cardiff Bay. Lures and fly fishing for pike is prohibited at Treoes dead baits only.

Wye Cup Competition
Friday 27 September 2019
This Sundays Wye Cup Comp has been cancelled for safety as the river is very high.
Gribbles cover now open.
Friday 27 September 2019
The water levels at Gribbles are now at a satisfactory level so the pond is now open for fishing.
Night Fishing Group rule amendment
Friday 20 September 2019

Night Fishing Group. On checking the Clubs meeting minutes, there is a mistake on the Night Fishing Group rules on the Club Web site. The total permitted hours is 48 per night fishing session and not 60,
The Club apologises for any inconvenience and we will change the rules published on the Web site.

GAC Wye Cup Competition – 29th September.
Friday 06 September 2019

Any member wanting to enter the Wye Cup Competition or requiring details, please either email Chairman@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk or call Richard on 07398 364044 after 6pm.

Treoes Incident
Friday 30 august 2019

Would all Members and Bailiffs please be vigilant at Treoes pond. On Thursday 29th August Poachers were chased off Treoes in the Evening. They were using milk cartons as floats and had size 6 Barbed baited hooks on the pond in an attempt to take Carp.
If any member is passing Treoes in the evenings, please stop and just have a look around. If you see this activity call the Police as they are trespassing. Please also call any Club Official.

Night group fishing
Friday 30 august 2019

Anyone night group member wishing to fish our waters over the next two weeks can you please contact Andy Hoare instead of Brian on 07543 216986

Port Talbot Dock
Friday 23 august 2019

Any Club members wishing to fish Port Talbot Dock, please call Dai before 7pm the day before you want access. Fishing is £5 per day.

Fishing at pyscodlyn Mawr
Thursday 08 august 2019

Fishing at pyscodlyn Mawr will continue past 1/9/19 until further notice. All anglers wishing to fish there must look at the website for updated information before fishing, but at the moment fishing continues.

Gribbles covert.
Monday 22 July 2019

The head bailiff assessed Gribbles today the recent rain was not enough to raise the water level high enough. So it has been decided to keep it closed for the moment. We will update you more in a few days.

Saturday 13 July 2019



48 hour Charity event
Tuesday 09 July 2019

Thanks to everyone who supported the 48 hour Charity event at Treoes this weekend. We were very pleased to present Y Bont with a Cheque for £4600.
Very well done to all the members who fished and as usual, there were some excellent catches.
The winners were :
Senior Winner Neil Angove
Runner up Jen Collins
Junior Winner Jaydn Brown
Biggest Fish John Venn 19.8lb Grass Carp
Specimen Fish, Ian Lewis 2,8lb Perch
Special thanks go to Alan Trowbridge and John Edwards for their help on the pond, Richard Turner who fleeced everyone for raffle ticket money, everyone who donated raffle prizes and most of all the Club Members who make this a special event.

Gribbles closure
Tuesday 09 July 2019

Gribbles will be closed as of 6pm today 09/07/19 till further notice due to low water levels.

48 Hour charity event
Saturday 15 June 2019

This year we are trialling a points system for this year’s event and we will not be using keep nets. This does not mean you cannot weigh your catch, but it is weigh and release. There will be an award for heaviest fish and specimen fish, but overall winner will be on points not weight.  

Swimming event on the wye
Thursday 13 June 2019

Please be aware that Monmouth Sports Club have arranged a river swimming event on the Wye around Dixton Church on June 16th.

Pysgodlyn–gate lock
Sunday 02 June 2019

The combination lock on Pysgodlyn mawr has now been removed and the normal club padlock is now back on.

 Wales Junior Carp Team
Wednesday 29 May 2019


If you're aged between 14-18 and would be interested in joining the Wales Junior Carp Team then this is your chance as we will be holding some trials this summer to further expand our team.

Just send us a short write up about yourself and your fishing experience (where you fish, PB, age, how long you've been fishing etc.) together with some catch shots to welshcarpjuniors@outlook.com

Dates for the trial are yet to be confirmed but this will be held at The New Celtic Lakes near Lampeter. We look forward to hearing from you

48 Hour Charity Event 05 to 07 July – Treoes Pond
Thursday 23 May 2019

We now have the following pegs vacant if anyone wants to take part in this years 48 hour Charity Event
Pegs 3 – 5 – 12 – 28 – 32
If anyone is interested please either text or call 07804 097857 or email secretary@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk

Gribbles Covert pond closure
Thursday 23 May 2019

Gribbles Covert Pond is closed Saturday 25th May from 11am to 4pm for a Junior Competition. Any Juniors wishing to take part, book in at midday, fish 1pm to 4pm.

AGM 2019
Wednesday 08 May 2019

Glamorgan anglers AGM is Thursday 16th May @ National Sports Centre For Wales, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff. 7.15 start.
There is a free raffle for all members who attend

Upcoming competitions
Wednesday 08 May 2019

Saturday 11th May – Junior Competition. Treoes Pond. All Pegs required for this event will be reserved. For Details Contact Andy on 07543 216986

Thursday 16th May – Disabled Competition – Treoes Pond. Pegs Required for this event will be reserved. For Details Contact Amanda Joseph 07837 130351

Saturday 18th May- 24 Hour Carp Competition – Pyscodlin Mawr. This water is closed for this event. For Details Contact Darren on 07815 869675

Saturday 25th May – Junior Competition – Gribbles Covert Pond - For Details Contact Andy on 07543 216986 – This water is closed for this event.

48 Hour event.
Tuesday 16 April 2019

Pegs 14, 15 and 28 are available for the 48 hour Event anyone interested please Text 07804 097857.

Llantrithyd Closure
Sunday 07 April 2019

Llantrithyd will be closed tomorrow 8.04.19 till 9.30am.

Barbless hooks new rule
Monday 01 April 2019

As from the 31st of March new rule of only barbless hooks must be used on our waters.

Glamorgan angler’s license
Monday 01 April 2019

Please don't forget that as of today you need a Glamorgan angler’s license. Anyone caught without one will be asked to leave our waters.

Llantrithyd Closure
Monday 01 April 2019

Llantrithyd will be closed until 9am Tuesday 2nd April.

Pike Fishing
Monday 01 April 2019

Please be aware that Pike Fishing on all Club Waters with the exception of Cardiff Bay closed March 31st.

48 Hour Charity Event
Monday 25 March 2019

The Draw for the 48 Hour is as follows:
1.       J Hoare/J Brown/ A Hoare
2.       C Stott
3.       L Yeo/C Yeo
4.       J Collins
5.       D Davies
6.       M Cross
7.       Not Used
8.       I Lewis
9.       A Corrigan
10.    J Johnson
11.    A Trowbridge
12.    J Bowley
13.    D Forward
14.    S Bird
15.    Spare
16.    J Venn
17.    Not Used
18.    K Sullivan
19.    Spare
20.    Ash Hoare
21.    M Frazer
22.    A Lawrence
23.    M Bishop
24.    N Angove
25.    J Wenger
26.    J Curtis
27.    B Dickman
        27a D Hatchett
28.    A Weighell
29.    D Hunt
30.    K Hunt
31.    J Edwards
32.    G Bishop
33.    K Cowdrey
34.    A Joseph
35.    M Looker
36.    M Andrews
37.    P Addecott
38.    R Turner

Forms should be ready by 1st week in April. If you are unavailable for the event, please let me know ASAP. Text 07804 097857.

Club Events April 2019
Thursday 12 March 2019

13th April – 24 Hour Carp Competition on Treoes Pond. There are 25 available places for all Club Members who would like to book a place on this event. Please contact Darren Hatchett on 07815 869675 (after 6pm). Fishing is book in 8am Saturday 13th April, fish 9am to 9am Sunday 14th April. Please book your place prior to turning up at the event.

25th April – Disabled Competition on Treoes Pond. To book a place and for further details, please contact Amanda Joseph on 07837 130351 (After 6pm). This event is open to all Club Members who hold a Disabled Permit.

27th April – Junior Competition on Gribbles Covert Pond. To book a place, please contact Andy Hoare on 07543 216986. Book in at Midday, fish 1pm to 4pm. This Competition is open to all Junior Members, everyone fishing will get a prize and a hot dog.

Bryn Hedges pike competition
Tuesday 12 March 2019

The annual Bryn Hedges pike competition was held at Groesfaen on Sunday 10th March.  Thanks to all who competed and congratulations to Dave Carnell who defended his title with a lovely fish of 11lb, caught on a legered lamprey section. 

Pike at Treoes
Sunday 10 March 2019

Following the emergence of what appears to be a sustainable head of pike at Treoes, the committee has decided to permit pike fishing to commence at this venue from 01st October 2019.  As for other venues, fishing will run until 31st March.  Pike fishing will be allowed with up to 2 rods and will be with deadbaits only.  Artificial lure fishing will not be permitted, however you may use sink and draw tactics.  To pike fish, you must use a landing net of minimum 36 inches diameter, wire traces and suitable sized unhooking mats.  You must also be in possession of suitable unhooking equipment - forceps etc.

To assist with our assessment of the viability, all pike catches must be recorded on the club catch return page of our website.
We will review this decision at the end of the fishing period.

Pike in particular are susceptible to poor handling, so please ensure all pike are treated with considerable care when handling and returning them to the water.

Llantrithyd Closure
Sunday 10 March 2019

Llantriffyd will be closed Monday 11th till 9.30 am

Night group membership
Friday 08 March 2019

The night group membership is now full. You can still apply to be on the waiting list, to do so you have to send your details to the membership secretary.

Bryn Hedges Pike Cup
Friday 08 March 2019
Anyone who is fishing the Bryn Hedges Pike Cup competition on Bishops pond on sunday. Book in is at 8am fish from 9am till 4pm
Bishops Pond closure
Tuesday 05 March 2019

Bishops Pond is closed this Sunday 10th March for the Bryn Hedges Pike Cup
Anyone still want to enter, please email Chairman@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk or Text 07804 097857

Llantrithyd Closure
Sunday 03 March 2019
Llantrithyd will be closed tomorrow morning 4th of march till 9.30 am
Llantrithyd work party Closure
Wednesday 27 February 2019
Llantrythyd lake will be closed on saturday 2nd of March for a work party. Volunteers are welcome.
Llantrithyd Closure
Monday 25 February 2019

Llantrithyd will be closed tomorrow morning 26th of February till 9 am

Work Party Volunteers needed.
Sunday 17 February 2019
The Club will be holding a work Party at Llantrythid on Saturday 2nd March. If anyone is available, then please either let the head bailiff know or the Club Secretary. Start st 9.30. The work is to cut back the encroaching blackthorn trees, so if you have any bow saws or tree cutters, please bring them along. Bacon rolls and drinks will be provided.
Bryn Hedges Pike Cup – Bishops Pond
Tuesday 05 February 2019

This year’s Pike Cup Comp will be held at Bishops Pond, Groes Faen, on Sunday 10th March.
Book in at 08.00 fish 09.00 to 15.00.
To book places, please either email:  chairman@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk or text 07804 097857

NRW Survey to Anglers in regards to the possibility of reviewing the Rivers Close Season for Coarse Angling.
Thursday 17 January 2019

You will be aware we have examined the evidence around the river coarse fishing close season and, earlier this year, surveyed anglers’ opinions on retaining, changing or removing the close season. We agreed with England Fisheries Group to consult more widely with the angling community.

We are consulting on three options:

·         Retain the current coarse fish close season on rivers – 15 March to 15 June;
·         Retain a close season, but change the duration – 15 April to 30 June;
·         Remove the close season altogether.

The consultation will be online for 8 weeks from today (14 January) to 11 March 2019. It can be accessed at https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/fisheries/consultation-on-the-review-of-the-close-season. We also have arrangements to receive for email and postal responses.

Gribbles covert
Wednesday 16 January 2019
Gribbles covert pond will be closed for maintanance on thursday 27th January.
Key search
Saturday 12 January 2019

Keys No. 802 and 811 issued by Garry Evans shop have not been credited to a membership – because they didn’t record them.
Please could you check your key numbers and if you have either of the above please phone: Paul Addicot – club secretary 07804 097857 or Brian Dickman – Head Bailiff. 07510 223621.
Give your name permit or Id number + key number.
Thank you M Roberts Membership secretary.

Pyscodlin Mawr – NRW Survey 14 01 19.
Wednesday 09 January 2019

Would any members who intend fishing Pyscodlin Mawr on 14 01 19 please be aware there will be disturbance around the Banks whilst NRW conduct a survey.

New Years Eve Charity Event – Treoes Pond
Wednesday 02 January 2019

The Club would like to thank all the Members who supported the Charity Event on Treoes Pond. A total of £410.00 was raised for Myeloma Research, in memory of Albert Smith. Congratulations to Kevin Sullivan, who won the competition and the Albert Smith Memorial Cup, which was kindly donated by Jon Taylor. Kevin also receives a years Club License.

New Years Eve Charity Event.
Monday 17 December 2018

Would all Club Members please be aware that Treoes Pond is closed on New Years Eve for a Charity Event. If any Club Member, Senior or Junior would like to take part, there are 3 places available. Just text 07804 097857 to book a place. £6 entry which will go to Myeloma Research in Memory of Albert Smith.

End of year message
Friday 14 December 2018

Well, another year is soon to come to a close and for many of us as it gets to the coldest months, the gear is put away until the warmer weather returns. As usual the Club has invested a large amount of funds this year in maintenance of our still waters, fish stocks and at last we have the materials ready to start upgrading fishing pegs on the Clubs Wye stretch at Monmouth.
Only this week our head Bailiff has released 500 Barbel, 500 Tench and 300 Ide into Carols Pond, Barry, as a stock top up. Let’s hope the Ide do well and offer yet another species you can target throughout the year.
For those of you who will brave the cold weather, Treoes will offer excellent silver fishing as the Juniors recently found out on their Xmas Competition. Llantrythid seems to be fishing very well in the cold weather and Gribbles as always will offer you great winter sport. Pike Anglers can target St Y Nyll Top Pond, Bishops Pond and Sues Pond Barry, which do hold decent size Pike in all of them. I am sure the Carp anglers will get some decent days in the milder days on most of our waters.
So it is good luck to every one of you that venture out this winter and don’t forget the Wye and Trothy can offer excellent winter river fishing, along with Grayling hunting on the Taff.
May I, on behalf of the Club and it’s Committee wish everyone a Great Xmas and New Year.

Paul Addecott (Hon Sec)



New Years Eve Charity Competition.
For all those booked on the New Year’s Eve event, please book in at Treoes Hut at 8am to draw pegs, fish 9am to 2pm. £6 entry and there will be a raffle. If you have any raffle prizes please bring them along. All Club rules apply. No surface fishing for this event please.

New Year’s Eve Charity Comp
Monday 11 December 2018

There are only 2 places available for this year’s New Year’s Eve Charity Comp. if anyone would like to take part, please text 07804 097 857.

Autumn/Winter 2018/19 Newsletter
Friday 16 November 2018
Autumn/Winter 2018/19 Newsletter available for download now
Treoes pond closure
Saturday 10 November 2018

Treoes pond will be closed all day on Tuesday 13th November for essential work..

Treguff Farmhouse LLantrithyd Lake
Monday 05 November 2018

Would all members please NOT call on Treguff Farmhouse to ask where the Lake is, or to ask any other question re the fishing. This is a private house & has nothing to do with the Club. Please respect their privacy and DO NOT knock on their door. Full detail of where the entrance is, is on the website or anyone can text our Head Bailiff or email treasurer@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk or secretary@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk with any queries. Thank you

Treoes Pond closure
Monday 29 October 2018
Treoes pond will be closed on the 30th from dawn till 9.30 am .
Bryn Hedges Pike Cup Competition – Cancelled
Monday 29 October 2018

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel the Bryn Hedges Pike Cup Comp on 11 11 18 and will reschedule in the New Year.

Treoes Pond closure
Thursday 25 October 2018

Treoes pond will be closed on Friday 26th from dawn till 9.30 am .

Taff roach project.
Friday 19 October 2018

Releasing some of the roach we have bred for the Taff roach project.

Drop shotting and lure fishing on Treoes Pond
Monday 15 October 2018
With immediate effect drop shotting or lure fishing is not permitted on Treoes Pond.
2018 Wye Cup Results
Saturday 13 October 2018

1st Ken Morris 4lb 05oz
2nd Richard Turner 3lb 04oz
3 Ian Lewis 0.12oz

Well done Ken Morris, this years Wye Cup Champion.

This Years Competitors
Pike Fishing coaching session
Thursday 11 October 2018

Pegs 1 to 15 on Sues Pond Barry will be closed Sunday 14th Oct for a coaching event.

Learn about Pike Fishing
Saturday 06 October 2018

Sunday 14th October, anyone want to learn about Pike Fishing? 10am, sues pond, Barry.

Monday 01 October 2018

As you should all be aware this year we have instigated a procedure to put photographic recognition on our permits. This was to prevent the lending of permits and the fraudulent use of any lost permits.
Due to problems with the software there was some confusion around this process early in the year but it was soon resolved. Of all the 800 or so applicants this year almost 90% of you sent in photos with your application or after a reminder. Thank you for your cooperation.
However, quite a lot of you didn't – even after a reminder!!
Below is a list of ID numbers, you can find these on your permit, who have NOT sent in a passport type ID photo as yet. There are others who sent in photographs from the family album and even one taken by flash in the dark which are not acceptable. If your picture is one of these send in a new photo. If not I will put a note in your permit requesting a better photo. [Dark/Coloured backgrounds etc make processing difficult and waste ink].
ID numbers who have not sent in an ID photo. – CHECK YOURS!!
21. 255. 382. 483. 748. 921. 1056. 1385. 1424. 1564.
46. 263. 419. 509. 769. 922. 1077. 1386. 1439. 1600.
220. 275. 426. 606. 802. 935. 1132. 1389. 1458. 1623.
224. 276. 432. 663. 847. 968. 1149. 1397. 1499. 1648.
246. 283. 442. 699. 886. 1045. 1341. 1399. 1542. 1702.
253. 379. 456. 721. 916. 1046. 1365. 1401. 1559.

If I do not receive a photo from any of the above applicants prior to, or with their application. Their application will not be processed it will be returned.
Check and make sure. If you are on the list, send in your photo to the membership secretary with your name and ID number on the back ASAP.
Remember : NO PHOTO – NO PERMIT!! You have been warned.
Thank you for your cooperation. Mick Roberts, Membership secretary.

Pike Fishing
Monday 24 September 2018

Pike Fishing on Club waters starts 1st October. Please ensure you have the correct unhooking Equipment.

2018 Wye Cup Competition
Monday 17 September 2018
Update: All the spaces for the wye cup are now taken.
Pike Fishing coaching session
Sunday 16 September 2018

Sunday 14th October, the Club will be holding a Pike Fishing session on Sues Pond, Barry for anyone who would like to learn about Pike Fishing.
The Session will be 09.00 to 15.00. If you want to book a place, please text or call 07804 097857.
Sues Pond will be closed for this event.

Peg closure Treoes
Sunday 16 September 2018

Please be advised that peg 24 on Treoes Pond will be closed to Members on Monday 17th Sept.

2018 Wye Cup Competition
Wednesday 05 September 2018

This Years Wye Cup will be held on Sunday 30th September on the Clubs Monmouth Stretch of the Wye. Book in at 8am at Dixton Church, fish 9am to 4pm.
There are 10 spaces left. Any Club Member who would like to book a peg for this event, please call or text 07804 097857 or email chairman@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk

Y Bont sensory playground and garden
Sunday 02 September 2018

Funded by Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies Ltd
and Prescott Jones Ltd
Built by volunteers from Freudenberg’s Port Talbot base
Every year the money raised from our 48hr event goes to Y Bont which is an independent local Bridgend based charity that provides comprehensive support and information to families of a child with a disability or complex medical condition. Over the years The Club has raised around £30k for the Charity.

Click an image to view larger
ybont1 ybont2
Dads and Lads Competition. Sat 20th October - Treoes
Saturday 01 September 2018

Due to the recent drought, the Dads and Lads Competition was postponed. The rescheduled Competition will be held on Treoes Pond, Saturday 20th October.
For details please call Andy on 07543 216986

48hour Charity Event Total and Thank you letter
Monday 27 August 2018

To everyone who supported the Club Members taking part in this year's 48hour Charity Event, a big thank you. As you can see the total was very close to five and a half thousand pounds, which is by far the most raised on any Club event.

Click a pic to view larger
letter certificate
Junior Competition- Gribbles Covert Pond.
Saturday 25 August 2018

There will be a Junior Competition on Gribbles Covert, Saturday 1st September. All Juniors are welcome. Book in midday fish 1pm to 4 pm. The Albert Smith Cup.
For details contact Andy on 07543 216986

Club Competitions.
Friday 24 August 2018
Club Competitions on all our waters will resume on the 1st September.
The Club would like to thank all our respective groups for their co operation during the Summer drought.
Llantrithyd open for fishing
Wednesday 22 August 2018
As of tomorrow morning the 23/8 Llantrithyd shall be open for fishing, again until further notice no weighing of fish or pics please, return them Asap.
South Wales Junior Competition.
Wednesday 22 August 2018
If any Club Junior would be interested in taking part in a South Wales Junior Match, please contact the Club Secretary.
Gribbles open for fishing
Monday 20 August 2018

As of tomorrow the 21/8 Gribbles Covert shall be open for fishing, please remember no pictures or weighing of fish until further notice return them asap,

River wye fishing
Sunday 19 August 2018

As of tomorrow the 20/8 The club stretch of the Wye (Monmouth) shall be open for fishing, but the committee have decided that the fish shall not be weighed or photographed until further notice, please return the fish asap, also please remember to take your memberships and rod licenses as you will be asked to leave if you are missing either, tight lines.

Work on sues and carols ponds
Wednesday 15 August 2018

From mid August there will be light fencing erected on the land between Carols lake and the Dow Corning main site entrance road and to be aware of possible occasional traffic using the track between Carols and Sues lakes. 

Catch report cormorant sightings
Sunday 05 August 2018

Just a reminder that when using the catch report form it is important to record cormorant sightings on all our waters as the statistics are vital in our efforts to gain support to control them! 

Junior Dads and Lads and Lasses Competition
Friday 03 August 2018

Saturday 18th August will be the Junior Dads and Lads and Lasses Competition at Treoes Pond. All juniors are welcome. For details, please contact Andy Hoare.
Book in at Midday, fish 1pm to 4pm. Competition pegs will be identified. All other pegs are open to Club Members.

Llantrithyd lake closure
Thursday 02 August 2018

Members please be aware that as from saturday morning Llantrithyd will be closed until further notice, due to low water levels the locks shall be changed.

Pyscodlin Mawr Pond temporary closure
Monday 23 july 2018

Pyscodlin Mawr Pond will be closed from midnight Friday 27th July to 9am Sunday 29th July.

Junior Competition, Llantrythid Lake  Saturday 28th July.
Sunday 22 july 2018

Book in at 12, fish 1 to 4pm. The Car Park Bank is closed for this event. Juniors will get priority parking. For details please contact Andrew Hoare

Gribbles Covert Pond closure.
Thursday 19 july 2018

Please be aware, Gribbles Covert Pond is closed with immediate effect. This is due to the low oxygen and high levels of algae.

Treoes Pond Work Party
Wednesday 18 july 2018

There will be a work party at Treoes Pond on Saturday 21st July, between 9am and 2pm. Members are advised that there will be a great deal of noise disruption and there will be people working in the water.
If anyone would like to volunteer, just turn up at Treoes on Saturday Morning and bring chest waders.

River wye
Sunday 15 july 2018
Due to very low water conditions on the Monmouth stretch of the Wye fishing is to be suspended until further notice, the water shall be Bailiffed and any members who are found there fishing from the 16th will be asked to leave and their details will be taken, the club would appreciate the members cooperation
24 hr carp competition
Saturday 14 july 2018
Next weekends marmite cup competition on treoes has been postponed due to weather conditions.
Head Bailiff request
Sunday 08 july 2018

We have been asked by our Head Bailiff to request that any fish caught no matter of size or species ate immediately returned to the water and not left out of the water for photographs. This is obviously due to the low oxygen levels at present.

Parking for Carols Pond – Dow Corning.
Wednesday 04 july 2018

Would all Club members who intend to fish Carols Pond, please note that Dow Corning have requested that when you leave your vehicle in the Dow Corning Car Park by our access gate to the pond, please leave a contact number you can be reached on in your windscreen.
This request has been made by Dow Corning as part of their Emergency Procedures Process.
Could you also please ensure that you park in a parking bay and not on the access roads.

This is effective immediately
Up and Coming Events for July.
Monday 02 july 2018

Thursday 5th July - Disabled Group Comp - Treoes Pond. contact Amanda Joseph on 07837 130351.

Saturday 7th July - Junior Comp - Sues Pond. book in at 12, fish 1 - 4pm. Contact Andy Hoare on 07543 216986.

Saturday 21st/ Sunday 22nd July - 24 Hour Carp Comp (Marmite Cup) - Treoes Pond. Fish 9am sat to 9am Sunday. For details contact Darren Hatchet on 07815 869675 (After 6pm please).

2018 48 Hour Charity Event – Treoes
Monday 02 july 2018

First and foremost, the Club would like to thank everyone who supported the 48 Hour Charity Weekend. Although the weather was incredibly hot and in some cases uncomfortable, all the Members who took part in the event kept smiling and we hope, enjoyed the 48 hours.
We are very pleased and extremely grateful to advise that this year, we raised the highest amount ever for our chosen Charity – Y Bont, which stands at the moment at £4750.00.

The Results for the Fishing:

Winner – Josh Bowley  351lb 10oz

Runner Up – Mick Fraser 281lb 8oz

Junior Winner – John Hoare 228lb 2oz

Specimen Fish – Jaydn Rowley 3lb 0oz Perch, 8oz Chub

The total weight that was reported was 2607lb, which included 4 x Carp over 20lbs and a 19lb Grass Carp.

Friday 15 june 2018

Just a reminder see that 2 weeks from today will be the Clubs annual 48 hour Charity Event on Treoes. Please be aware that Treoes will be closed for the duration of this event. Closure is midday Friday 29th June to 4pm Sunday 2nd July. All Club Members are most welcome to come along and support the competitors over the weekend.
If anyone does have any raffle prizes to donate, please bring them along or leave them at Treoes Hut

Pyscodlin Mawr Work Party. Saturday 9th June.
Tuesday 06 june 2018
There is a work Party on Pyscodlin Mawr Pond this Saturday, 9th June. Any volunteers, who would be able to help, please call the head bailiff to confirm your availability. 9.30am start.
Pyscodlin Mawr Work Party. UPDATE!!
Wednesday 30 May 2018
The work party that will take place at Pyscodlin Mawr Pond will be Saturday 9th June. Any Club member who can give a couple of hours of their time please call the head bailiff or just turn up. 09.30 start. Members please be aware there will be a lot of noise disruption.
Work Party – Pyscodlin Mawr Pond
Monday 21 May 2018

Any Club members who would be available to attend a Work Party at Pyscodlin Mawr Pond, would you please contact the Head Bailiff for details. (His Number is on your License).

03 June 18 – Senior Competition – Llantrythid
Monday 21 May 2018

There will be a Senior Match on Llantrythid on Sunday 3rd June on Llantrythid lake. The Lake will be closed to Club members for this event.

09 June 18 – Junior Competition – Carols Pond, Barry
Monday 21 May 2018

There will be a Junior Competition on Carols Pond Barry on Saturday 09 June. Pegs 1 to 18 will be reserved for this event. Pegs 19 to 25 are available to Club Members.

St Y Nyll Top Pond
Monday 21 May 2018

St Y Nyll Top Pond will be open for Fishing as of the 1st June.

Disabled Group Competition – Treoes Pond Thursday 17th May
Tuesday 15 May 2018

For details, please contact Amanda Joseph on 07837 130351
There will be Pegs available for Club members who wish to fish the pond.

24 Hour Carp Competition – Pyscodlin Mawr Pond Sat 19/ Sun 20 May
Tuesday 15 May 2018

Pyscodlin Mawr Pond will be closed all day Saturday 19th and until 9am Sunday 20th May.
For further details, please contact Darren Hatchet on 07815 869675

Junior Competition – Gribbles Covert Pond Saturday 26th May
Tuesday 15 May 2018

Gribbles Covert Pond will be Closed from 11am Saturday 26th may to 5pm same day for a Junior Competition.
No Members not involved in the Junior Competition will be permitted on the Pond during this time.
For further details, please contact Andy Hoare on 07543 216986

Llantrythid Parking.
Monday 14 May 2018
Would all members who wish to night fish Llantrythid please be aware that due to the popularity of this water, along with parking restrictions, the maximum number of vehicles permitted on any given night is 3.
When NFG members book on to the water with the Head Bailiff, you will be advised if there is available parking. Obviously if two or three members wish to car share, this will be fine.
If you are intending to fish more than a single night, you must put your vehicle in the old car park.
This is to ensure that there is parking for non N F G members as much as possible.
GAC AGM 2018
Sunday 13 May 2018

GAC AGM is this Thursday 17th May at the Sports Centre for Wales, Sophia Gardens Cardiff. Start at 7pm.
Members who attend will be able to exchange their keys ready for the Club Lock change on Saturday 19th May. If you do intend exchanging your key, please ensure you have your club license with you.

Llantrythyd lake
Thursday 10 May 2018

Would all anglers be aware that Llantrythyd lake will be closed tomorrow 11th of May till 10.30am. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Disabled pegs at Gribbles
Friday 23 April 2018

A big thanks to Head Bailiff Brian for his hard work sorting the wheelchair priority pegs st Gribbles Covert. There is still a bit of work to be done on a couple of the existing pegs on the road bank, but that should complete tomorrow.

Click any image to view larger
gribbles gribbles
Llantrythid and Gribbles Covert wheelchair access pegs.
Monday 23 April 2018

The two wheelchair priority pegs at llantrythid will be completed and ready for use by the end of 23rd April. Would all members please now be aware that Brian will be starting work on the 3 Wheelchair access pegs at Gribbles covert pond as of Tuesday 24th April which will mean noise disruption, whilst the 3 platforms are upgraded and peg 5 will also be extended. The work should be completed by Tuesday 1st May.
Brian will then be upgrading a wheelchair access peg at Bishops Pond.

Campaign for the Protection of Welsh fisheries
Saturday 21 April 2018

Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales.  We need as a many people as possible to sign this petition, you don’t have to be a Welsh resident.  The issues of pollution from chicken farms is not unique to Wales, anything we can do to get more controls on the disposal of waste should be reflected across the whole of the UK, you can read more by clicking the links below. 

Click for link Petition information
Click link for petition form
Sues Pond Carp Competition
Tuesday 17 April 2018

Would all Members please note that Sues Pond is Closed from 07.00 Saturday 21st April to 09.00 Sunday 22nd April for the first of this year’s 24hr Carp Competitions.

Wheelchair Access Pegs – Llantrythid
Monday 16 April 2018

Would all member please be aware that as of Wednesday 18th April, there will be Noise disruption at Llantrythid Lake for approximately 5 days, as Brian will be installing the two Wheelchair access pegs. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. (The pegs will be located on the Car Park Bank near the island).

AGM 2018
Friday 13 April 2018

Just a reminder that the AGM is Thursday 17th May, at the Sports Centre for Wales, Cardiff.
If anyone does have any items for discussion, could you please email to the Club Secretary  secretary@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk  ASAP.
You can also exchange your Club Key for a New Key at the AGM.

World fish migration day
Friday 13 April 2018
Disabled Group Competition – Treoes – Thursday 26th April.
Monday 9 April 2018

The first of this years Disabled Group Competitions will be at Treoes on Thursday 26th April. Any Club member who has a Concessionary Disabled License is welcome to enter the Competition.
For further details, please contact the Clubs Disabled Fishing Co-ordinator Amanda Joseph on 07837 130351 or email Disabledangling@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk

Treoes Toilets
Wednesday 4 April 2018
The toilets at Treoes will reopen on Saturday
Work Notice Llantithyd, Treoes and Bishops
Wednesday 4 April 2018

Members please be aware that at anytime you may turn up at Llantithyd, Treoes or Bishops between dawn and 9.30 am and find a sign on get saying pond closed, please observe this, don't enter or rattle the gates we are working to protect the ponds from vermin, we are sorry for any inconvenience but this has to be done.

Treoes Toilet Unit Closure
Monday 2 April 2018
The toilet unit at Treoes will be out of action for approximately 10 days from Tuesday 3rd April.
48 Hour Charity Fishing Event – Treoes Pond – 29 June to 2nd July
Tuesday 27 March 2018

There are still 3 available places for this years Charity Event at Treoes Pond. If any Club Member would like to take part, just text 07804 097857 or email secretary@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk  to book a place.

License Renewals 2019/19 Season.
Tuesday 27 March 2018
Members are reminded that they must be in possession of the 2018/19 season Club License on all Club Waters as of Sunday 1st April. Club bailiffs will be checking all Club Waters over the weekend.
Disabled Angling Day-21st July.
Friday 23 March 2018
Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond the Clubs Control, the proposed Disabled Angling day on July 21st has been postponed for the foreseeable future.
Junior Section Competition – Saturday 28th April 2018 – Gribbles Covert Pond
Tuesday 20 March 2018

The First of this years Junior Competitions will be held on Saturday 28th April at Gribbles Covert Pond. All Club Junior Members are most welcome and as always, every Junior who takes part in the Competition will receive a prize. Also Hot Dogs will be provided after the Competition.
For Further Details please call or Text Andy Hoare on 07543 216986.
Please note Gribbles Covert Pond will be closed for this event.

24 Hour Carp Competition – 21st / 22nd April 2018 – Sues Pond Barry
Tuesday 20 March 2018

The initial 24 Hour Carp Competition Series kicks off at Sues Pond on the 21st April.
To book places, please contact Darren Hatchett on  07815 869675 (after 6pm). These 24 Hour Competitions are open to all Club Members and provide the opportunity to fish overnight on Club Waters. Juniors are also welcome, as long as they are accompanied by a Senior Club Member.
All club rules apply. Please note that Sues Pond will be closed Saturday 21st to 09.00 on Sunday 22nd April

Spring / Summer Newsletter
Tuesday 20 March 2018
Spring and summer newsletter available to download now.
Wheelchair Accessible Fishing Platforms
Wednesday 14 March 2018

The club would like to inform members that over the next month or so, new Wheelchair accessible Platforms are to be implemented at the following Still Waters:
Llantrythid – 2 Double Pegs
Gribbles Covert Pond – 3 Single Pegs
Groes-Faen (Bishops Pond) – 1 Single Peg

These pegs are designed to accommodate wheelchairs, but obviously are available for all members to use unless a Disabled Group Event or a Wheelchair Angler requires the access.

Cardiff Bay Barrage
Saturday 10 March 2018
Click here to view an artical about Cardiff bay Barrage PDF.
Saturday 10 March 2018
The far bank at Gribbles wiill open for fishing on the 1st of April.
Pike Fishing
Saturday 10 March 2018

Just a quick reminder that Pike fishing on our waters ends 31 march.

24 Hour Carp Competition – 21 04 18 – Sues Pond, Barry.
Friday 9 March 2018

This years 24 Hour Carp Competitions commence on Saturday 21st April at Sues Pond, Barry. The Competitions will be run and organised by Darren Hatchett, who can be contacted on 07815 869675 (after 6pm Please). The 24 Hour Carp competitions are open to all Club Members and provide an opportunity to have a go at overnight Fishing. Juniors are most welcome as long as they are accompanied by a Senior Member. Spaces are limited and are on a first come, first served basis. Entry is £5 per Angler. Prizes for Heaviest Bag and Best Fish.

Pyscodlin Mawr Security
Thursday 8 March 2018

Due to persistent fly tipping and equipment theft, the Club has no choice but to alter the way we access Pyscodlin Mawr Pond. With immediate effect, a combination lock will be put on the gate at Pyscodlin Mawr, which the Head Bailiff will have the code. If you want to access the pond and use the club Car Park, you will need to ring the Head Bailiff for the combination for the lock. Please do not ring before 8am or after 6pm.
Brian will ask you for your name and current license number which will be checked against an up to date membership list, plus the names of anyone else in your party that will be on the pond. Club Bailiffs will be provided with members names who have booked on the pond for their license checks. Obviously this also applies for NFG Members who wish to overnight on the pond.
We do apologise for the inconvenience, but we must protect not only our access, but more importantly our lease on the water.

We need you to sign
Monday 26 February 2018

Message from Merthyr Tydfil anglers
We know the current bylaws from NRW are not of concern to the coarse anglers.
However this is more than that it is a protest at the way NRW has ignored all anglers in the five years since it was formed.
Please help us to make this worthwhile as it is only by showing we are united that the powers that be will take notice of us.
One of the main things is NRW are still refusing to recognise the damage that Fish Eating Birds are doing to our stocks not just of Salmon and Trout but Coarse fish as well. WE all value our fishing we must pull together to protect it.
Following a meeting with their local AM, Betws Anglers were advised to raise a petition against the decision making process used by Natural Resources Wales during the proposed bylaw consultation. 

A petition has now been raised by Betws AC, and is now live. The petition can be found at https://www.assembly.wales/en/gethome/e-petitions/Pages/petitiondetail.aspx?PetitionID=1315 . We need as many anglers as possible to support this.

This is a Welsh Government petition and depending on the support it receives will be considered by the WG petitions committee; this could result in a public inquiry on the way the proposed NRW fisheries bylaws consultation has been conducted.

We need your support please forward this to as many anglers as possible – there are 4800 migratory fish licence holders in Wales and many more who fish Welsh rivers but live in England, we need them all to support us. 

2018 Carp Team Wales Trials.
Saturday 17 February 2018
The files below are Carp Team Wales trials application forms. This is open to any Club Member who wishes to trial for the 2018 Team. The Club is WFCA affiliated and anyone who would from the Club like to apply, we can supply you these details.
Club Member Josh Bowley successfully made it on to the Team Wales squad and helped win Gold at the Home Carp Championship 2017.
Application form
Pyscodlin Mawr Work
Monday 12 February 2018
Would all members please be aware that there is work being done at Pyscodlin Mawr Pond this week. The works has been rescheduled primarily due to the weather conditions over the past few weeks and delivery schedules.
Treoes Pond will re-open Sunday 18th Feb.
The Club apologises for any inconvenience.
Treoes Pond – Maintenance Closure:
Monday 29 January 2018

Treoes Pond will close from Monday 5th February to Saturday 17th February for Maintenance. Brian will change the lock the evening of Sunday 4th Feb.
This is to permit Brian and his team to do essential maintenance prior to the Spring.
The Club apologises for any inconvenience.

New stock delivery for one of our still waters.
Tuesday 23 January 2018
Click on pics to view larger
New Year’s Eve Charity event responce
Friday 5 January 2018

On behalf of my daughter Helen Fincham and myself would like to thank you for thinking of Helen and for Rob Crewes-rees, nominating her for your fundraising cause on new years eve.  

We can’t thank you enough for your support and donation of £456 towards Helens wheel drive wheels which will give her a little bit of independence on her own, as she is unable to manually push the wheelchair herself. 

We are ever so grateful to everyone involved.

Best wishes for the new year 

New Year’s Eve Charity event
Tuesday 2 January 2018

Well, another New Year’s Eve Charity event completed. Firstly, and foremost, well done to Claire Giddy, who won the comp with 19lb 8oz and wins this year's free Club License. Also, a huge thank you to all the Club members who turned up, as we had 30 Anglers taking part. A big thanks to Brian Brian Kieth Dickman for the beef stew and cooking the bacon rolls. Also thanks to Robert Crews-Rees, who nominated this year's worthy cause for which we raised a very impressive £465.00.

New Years Eve Charity Event 2017
Wednesday 27 December 2017
Just a reminder that Treoes will be closed New Years Eve for the annual Charity Event.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
Tuesday 12 December 2017

Firstly, and most importantly, the club would like to wish each and every Member a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Happy New Year.
No doubt many of us will be waiting patiently for the big man in red to deliver that item of Fishing Tackle that you have hinted about for the last six months.
Over the past 12 months the Club has managed to keep its membership stable, with this year over 800 members joining, which is not only great for the Club financially, but also it does mean on the whole, members are happy with the way the Committee are running the Club.
We have been actively looking at Land for Sale within our area that would be suitable and within our price range to purchase as a potential new water. As yet, the right piece of land has evaded us, but not for want of going out to look at many potential sites. If any Member knows of, or hears of a possible site or better still a Pond or Lake that is available, please do let us know and we will ensure that your lead is followed up. There is a contact list on the web site.
On New Years Eve, the Club is hosting its annual Charity Competition on Treoes Lake, which is open to all Club Members. There are, at the time of posting this message a couple of pegs available. To book a peg, text message 07804 097857. Book in at 8am, fish 9am to 2pm.
We are this year trying to raise funds to assist a young lady from the Bridgend area to purchase a motorised Wheelchair unit. Entry is £5 per Angler and we will also be running a raffle. If anyone has a Raffle Prize they wish to donate, please either bring them along on the day or give them to any Club Official.

If you do venture out over the Xmas period or during the Winter months, please take extra care as the bank sides will be slippery. It is always safer if you go fishing with a friend at this time of year.

Please remember you can now renew your Club License for 2018/19.

So, to everyone, have a great Festive Season and we hope to see you all on the bank sides in 2018.

GAC. Bryn hedges pike cup results
Monday 11 December 2017

5 anglers fished the annual Bryn hedges pike cup competition no the Monmouth stretch on the 3rd of December 2017.
The winner was Dave Carnell with a single pike of 7lb.

Monday 11 December 2017

Is there any wonder why the salmon/sea trout/coarse fish stocks are so low.

New Year’s Eve Charity Competition.
Friday 8 December 2017

This year's comp will be held on Treoes pond on 31st Dec 17. Any member wishing to book a peg, please text 07804 097857. Please do not leave messages on here trying to book.
No problem for Juniors and seniors to share a peg.
Entry is £5.00 per Angler. Book in at 08.00 Draw pegs and Fish 09.00 to 14.00.
There will be a Raffle draw, so If anyone has any spare prizes, please either bring them along or give them to one of our Club Bailiffs.

Junior Sandra Competition - Treoes Pond.
Friday 1 December 2017

This year's Junior Christmas Comp will be held on Treoes Pond on Saturday 9th December. This competition is open to all Club Juniors.
Fish 11am to 1pn.
All juniors will get a gift from Santa.
For details ease call Andy Hoare on 07543 216986.

Bryn Hedges Pike Cup – 03 December 2017
Friday 10 November 2017

This year’s Bryn Hedges Pike Cup Competition will be held on the Clubs Monmouth Stretch of the River Wye on Sunday 3rd December. If any member would like to enter, please either email secretary@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk or call 07804 097857 (after 6pm).

Wye cup
Saturday 04 November 2017

Six people fished the 2017 Wye Cup at Monmouth on 29th October.  With reports of barbell showing throughout the summer, all anglers chose to fish for them.  Winner was Richard Turner withy seven barbel for a total weight of 45lb 15oz with Dave Chard runner up with two fish, including a ten pounder for 17lb 13oz.  In all, the potential of our Monmouth water was demonstrated with 11 fish caught and a number of others lost during the day.

Richard Turner
Anto Roberts
Dave Chard
Simon Minty
Owen Lerry
Paul Serpell

Thanks to all who attended, I hope you had a good day (I did!) and hope to see you at the Bryn Hedges Pike Cup in December and at next years' Wye Cup.

wye cup
River Wye news
Frirday 03 November 2017

The top swim above Dixton Church is starting to collapse so be careful boys (maybe can't take the weight of all the doubles coming out. Lol) when you come up to the wye. I am now in possession of a full list of current members so don't forget to bring your permits with you. no permit no fishing. (Thank-you. Anto Roberts Wye Bailiff.)

The Wye Cup
Frirday 27 October 2017

The Wye Cup Competition is confirmed for this Sunday 29th Oct on the Monmouth Stretch. Book in at 8am at Dixton Church access road. Fish 9am to 3pm

Club Member Josh Bowley
Frirday 27 October 2017

The Club would like wish good luck Club Member Josh Bowley, who is representing Wales as part of the Welsh Carp Team in this weekend’s Home International Competition against England and Scotland at Linear Fisheries.

Wye cup Competition
Saturday 21 October 2017

The river Wye is unfishable this weekend and deemed too dangerous to hold the Wye Cup  tomorrow. The Comp is rescheduled to Sunday 29th Oct. Same timings.

Gribbles pond closure
monday 16 October 2017

Please be aware that Gribbles Covert Pond is closed all day for Maintenance on Wednesday 18th Oct.

Wye cup Competition
Sunday 15 October 2017

Just a heads up the Wye cup Competition is on Sunday, October 22, 8am – 4pm. Any member who would like to participate would they please contact Paul Addicot on 07804 097857

2017/18 Pike Fishing Season.
Monday 25 September 2017

As of Sunday 1st October 2017, Pike fishing is permitted on certain Club Still Waters.
St Y Nyll Top Pond
Sues Pond – Barry
Bishops Pond – Groes Faen

Please note: Blast Frozen Dead Baits only. Live-baiting is not permitted.
If you are Pike Fishing Sues Pond, the 1 rod rule still applies.
If you are lure fishing, please be mindful of other Club members fishing around you.
All Pike must immediately be returned to the water and please ensure you carry the correct unhooking equipment with you. Unhooking mats must be used at all times.

The Pike Fishing Season ends 31st March 2018.

Bishops Pond Closure.
Friday 22 September 2017

Bishops Pond, Groes Faen is Closed this Sunday 24th Sept for the Clubs Pike Fishing day.

Pike fishing training session
Monday 11 September 2017

The Club have organised a Pike Fishing Session on Bishops Pond on Sunday 24th September for any Club Member who would like to have a go at Pike Fishing and learn the Basics.
Places are limited to 12 and on a first come, first served basis. Fishing will be 9.30 to 2 pm.
Please either text 07804 097857 or email secretary@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk

Pond closures and ongoing works
Wednesday 06 September 2017

Would all Club Members please note that llantrythid is closed Saturday 7th Sept to 09.00 Sunday 8th Sept for the 24hr Carp comp.


Gribbles Covert Pond – Ongoing works.
Would all members please be advised that for a short time the far bank of Gribbles is closed to Fishing. This is to permit the newly spread grass seed to take root following the recent upgrade works.

Gribbles Covert bank works
Sunday 03 September 2017

Would members be aware that the far bank pegs at Gribbles Covert will not be available to fish until further notice as the bankside work is about to be grass seeded and it will need a bit of time to establish itself, Sorry for any inconvenience.

Pike Fishing Session - Bishops Pond
Saturday 02 September 2017

The Club have organised a Pike Fishing Session at Bishops  Pond on Sunday‎ 24th September. This session is open to all Club Members who would like to be shown the basics of Pike Fishing. There are 12 places available on a first come, first served basis. The session will be 09.30 to 2pm.

To book a place please either text 07804 097857 or email secretary@glamorgananglersclub.co.uk
NRW proposals for new controls on fishing for salmon and sea trout
Wednesday 30 August 2017

NRW proposals for new controls on fishing for salmon and sea trout

After careful consideration of our evidence and wishing to take full account of the views we have received during our engagements with customers and stakeholders, we are now proposing changes to fishing controls to the salmon and sea trout net and rod fisheries.

We would like to make you aware that we have:

Advertised a new Net Limitation Order
Launched a statutory consultation on new byelaws for rod and net fishing

Both processes began on 22 August 17 and runs for 12 weeks.

The proposals include:

Maintaining the same number of net licences in the 13 public salmon and sea trout net fisheries
Making consistent the start and end of the  net fishing seasons:
Shortening the netting season by starting net fisheries no earlier than 1st May
Ending the netting season on the 31st July
Implementing full catch and release fishing on all net and rod fisheries for salmon
Requiring sea trout catch and release in rod fisheries on vulnerable rivers before 1st May
Setting a 60cm maximum size limit for sea trout in rod fisheries
Implementing method restrictions (bait, barbless hooks and trebles) so that released fish have a good chance of survival (Byelaws)

Open access petition
Thursday 17 August 2017

All you may or may not have heard about the access consultation.
I am attaching the details that MTAA are sending around as the heading states we really need as anglers to step up on this one. Access to open water can literary mean your pond. Please go to the link below and even if you do not write then please register on this link.

To find out more about this click here for a pdf version of the letter informing us of what might happen if this goes ahead
Next Season Licence Membership Photos.
Sunday 13 August 2017

As there is a change to membership cards for next season, would all members who are renewing their licence for next year please send a passport photo to the membership secretary. If any member has not already sent their photo it could mean a delay in how quick the licence will arrive to them.

YBont official thank you to the club.
Tuesday 15 August 2017

Ybont has sent us an official thank you for the fundraising that we do for them.
Click here to view (opens a new window)

Make your voice heard over ‘right to roam’ proposals in Wales
Tuesday 25 July 2017
Gribbles Covert Pond – Revetment works
Wednesday 19 July 2017

Works will start Friday 21st July at Gribbles Covert Pond to try and address the constant leak around the far bank Dam area. The work should take a week to 10 days, in which time the Far Bank will be closed to members.
Please see notices posted on the gate and Notice Board for up to date progress.

There will be quite a bit of Noise disruption
Wednesday 19 July 2017

Woman, 21, who thought her neck ache was a result of sleeping in a funny position is left PARALYSED

  • Helen Fincham thought she had a heart attack when her arms went numb
  • When paramedics arrived they asked her to stand - but she then collapsed
  • She has been paralysed ever since but now has regained some movement 
  • Doctors diagnosed her with a neurological condition after months of tests

Helen Fincham, 21, from Bridgend, Wales, assumed her discomfort was down to her having slept in a funny position.
However, by midday she was unable to feel her legs. She thought she had suffered a heart attack when her arms went numb and she struggled to breathe.
When paramedics arrived to her home they asked her to stand - but she collapsed and has been unable to move ever since.
Doctors were left baffled but two months of tests discovered she had a rare neurological condition which caused her spinal cord to become inflamed.

Helen Fincham, 21, from Bridgend, Wales, assumed her discomfort was down to her having slept in a funny position. However, by midday she was unable to feel her legs.
This has left Helen permanently Paralysed from the chest down and wheelchair bound, with restricted movement in her arms and hands. The family are desperately trying to raise money to purchase equipment, including a wheel drive power assist for manual wheelchairs, which alone costs over £5000 in order to give Helen some independence.
GAC have agreed to help support Helen and her family by way of this year’s New Years Eve Charity Fishing Competition.
Many thanks to Club member Rob Crewes-Rees for nominating this very worthy cause.
As usual, this competition will be held on Treoes Pond on New Year’s Eve and is open to all Club Members. Entry will be £10 per senior Angler and £5 per Junior.
Further details for booking places and timings will be advertised at a later date on the Club Web Site and Facebook page.

River Wye Stretch
Monday 17 July 2017

In recent years there have been a number of unfortunate incidents between GAC fishing club members and people rowing, or training and supervising rowers, on the River Wye between the Rowing Club at Monmouth and Mally Brook Limit. GAC committee has been contacted to help to try and identify possible reasons for these incidents and seek a solution to avoid similar occurrences in future. These incidents reflect badly on both organisations and must cease.
It appears most problems occur because the rowers are facing away from their direction of travel, often working hard upstream to gain momentum, and moving more rapidly downstream with the current, and have little opportunity to see the fisherman’s line and even less opportunity to take avoiding action. When viewed from the river our members are extremely hard to see due partly to the trees and vegetation and partly to the fisherman’s position some distance away from the river edge.
The Rowing Club are aware that when a baited line has been carefully positioned at some distance from the bank at a known swim, the fisherman cannot simply withdraw his line without losing the benefit of his earlier hard work and is therefore, with good reason, reluctant to do it. Given these circumstances it is clear that both groups need to take on board the limiting factors affecting each group and at times of peak activity endeavour to minimise the possibility of confrontation.
Rowing peak times are 0700 to 0800 weekday mornings and 1400 to 1800 weekday afternoons. Weekend peak times are 0800 to 1200 and 1300 to1500 Saturdays. Sunday 0900 to 1100hrs. Issues of disturbance between anglers and the powered metal training boats have also been discussed with the Rowing Club to reducing confrontation.
Any angler who experiences what is believed to be deliberate fouling of fishing lines must make a record of location, time, and any other relevant factors (suggest a photograph)  and report the incident to the Head Bailiff as soon as possible or any Club official. No form of retaliatory action is acceptable.

P.Addecott (Hon Sec)

New Years Eve charity event
Monday 17 July 2017

The Club is looking for a worthy cause to support for the annual New Year Eve charity comp at Treoes this year. If any member knows of either an individual or a worthy cause we can support, please let the club secretary know. In past years we have supported the Stroke Association Wales, helped finance an Electric Wheelchair to help a young lady get to University and many other causes.
I am sure one of you will have this year's cause for us.

48 hour charity event
Monday 3 July 2017

The weekend 48 hour Charity Event is done for this year. We have raised so far £3600. £500 We donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care - Holme Towers and £3100 to Y Bont Childrens Centre. Thanks to everyone who supported us over the weekend and very well done to the Juniors, who for the most part, showed us oldies how to catch fish.

The winner was Jenny Collins with 526lb 1oz
Runner up Darren Hatchett with 392lb 10oz
Biggest fish Jeff Wenger with a 19lb Grass Carp

Junior winner was John Hoare with 142lb
Click the image to see more
Fly Fishing Demo - Volunteer Needed.
Wednesday 14 June 2017

St Fagans Castle have asked if any Club Member or Members would be interested in providing a Fly Fishing ‎demonstration and a short teach in on the afternoon of July 2nd. 
If anyone can help, the Club has Fly gear for the teach in. Please contact the Club Secretary if you are able to assist.

One rod rule at barry and bait amount for carp comps and 48 hour event.
Saturday 10 June 2017

Following last night's Committee meeting, where the 1 rod rule at Barry ponds was discussed in detail as to a trial 2 rod allowance for the winter.
The 1 rod rule will remain in place for both Summer and Winter with no alteration to the existing rule.
At Carp competitions and the 48 hour event a maximum of 3 kg of bait which includes hook bait in any 24 hour period will now be enforced on all club still waters.
Also spodding is not allowed at thes events.

Junior 24 hour competition, Saturday 10th June Cancelled
Wednesday 08 June 2017
This Competition is now Cancelled. For details please contact Andy Hoare
24 Hour Junior Competition
Monday 29 May 2017

The next Junior Competition will be held on Saturday the 10th of June at Llantrythid. This will be a Junior 24 hour competition and is open to all Club Junior Members. The rules are simple: Each Junior must be accompanied by a Senior Club Member for the duration of the Competition. Book in at 08.00 and fish 09.00 to 09.00. Turn up, book in and fish. Normal Club rules apply. For booking a place please contact Andy Hoare.

Disabled Match Cancellation
Monday 22 May 2017

The disabled Match on the 15th of June is cancelled due to clash With other club commitments.

The winner of the wye cup
Saturday 20 May 2017

The winner of the Wye cup your club chairman Richard Turner with his Trophy presented at the AGM.

wye cup
Junior match results Carols pond April 29 2017
Monday 15 May 2017
  Over 12s  
Runner up

John Hoare   
Jevan king  

23lb 12oz
9lb 10oz

  Under 12s  

Runner up

James Dible  
Alfie Ostelr

17lb 12oz
8lb 4oz

Llantrythid Noise complaint
Monday 08 May 2017

We have received a complaint this morning from the farmer who lives in the house next to our access gate at Llantrythid. He explained the there are a number of members who, when opening the gate have radios turned up loud , that disturb them especially very early in the mornings. Could everyone please ensure that your car radio is turned down or even better turned off when accessing the gates. The second complaint is regarding one or two members who drive at excessive speed down the track to the pond, please ensure you stick to 5mph when driving down to the pond.

GAC 2017 AGM
Friday 05 May 2017

This year’s AGM will take place on Thursday 18th May at the National Sports Centre for Wales, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff. 7.15 Start.
All Club members are most welcome to attend and it would be good to see some new faces. This is your opportunity to ask questions or suggest ideas on the running of the club.

Mixed Pairs Competition – 27th May – Carols Pond
Thursday 04 May 2017

The Mixed Pairs Competition has been postponed to a later date.

May 2017 Club events
Wednesday 03 May 2017

Sunday 7th May – Senior Competition – Llantrythid
Saturday 13th May – Junior and ladies Competition – Treoes
Saturday 20 May – 24 Hour Carp Competition – Llantrythid
Saturday 27th May – Mixed Pairs Competition – Carols Pond Barry
Saturday 27th May – Junior Competition – Gribbles Covert Pond

Disabled match at Treoes
Wednesday 03 May 2017

Hiya everyone here are the results of the disabled match on the 27th April at Treoes it was a fab day seeing everyone catch despite it being blooming cold, winner was Peter, runner up was frank and the biggest fish prize went to our very own Ricky. It was fab seeing everyone again for our first match of the year hope to see you all at the next on the 18th May, big thanks to all who came to help out.

Click here to view the images

Junior and Ladies Competition - Carols Pond
Monday 24 April 2017
Saturday 29th April – There will be a Junior and Ladies Competition on Carols Pond. Pegs 1 to 15 will be reserved for this event and Reserved signs will be put on the pegs in advance. Pegs 16 to 25 will be open to members
Friday 21 April 2017

As from December 2017, for the 2018-2019 season and thereafter, GAC permits will carry a photo of the member and a number of the key issued to that member (if any).

In order to set up the database in preparation for this changeover would all members** [see below] please submit a photo. Please do this early. ASAP.

Post a GOOD passport size photo ie full face against a white background [saves ink] with your name, permit number and post code on the back. Eg M.Roberts, 17001, CF14 2AU. This allows me to set up a photo database linked to your ID permit(s) etc. If you don't send one in early You will have to send one with your renewal anyway as NO PERMITS will be issued without ID photos next year. If you leave it  till late especially, until March 2018 or after, this could result in significant delays to your application. Please sort this out early as it is a lot of extra work for me and I would like to get it out of the way early
and spread the workload.
Post your photo to the usual address GAC M.Roberts,
4, Heol Don,
CF14 2AU

Thank you for your cooperation. Mick Roberts   Membership Secretary.

[**Excludes those who have recently submitted a photo [in the last two years or so] for the NFG or BAILIFF cards].

Junior member fishing at sues pond
Tuesday 11 April 2017
Jayden Rowley with a 10lb 8oz mirror carp from sues pond Caught in ledgered sweetcorn.
jayden rowley
Pond closures and openings
Monday 27 March 2017

St Y Nyll Top Pond will close Friday 31st March 2017 and re open Thursday 1st June 2017

Treoes Pond will re-open on Saturday 1st April 2017

Gribbles Covert Pond will Close Saturday 1st April 2017 to Monday 1st May 2017

GAC bonus ball draw
Sunday 26 March 2017

The GAC bonus ball draw on 1 April will be cancelled as there is not enough support. If any members would like to enter the 8th of April draw please contact Darren Hatchett.

Pike Fishing
Sunday 26 March 2017

Would all Club Members please be aware that Pike Fishing on Club Still Waters closes on the 31st March and resumes 1st October. 

10% off for Glamorgan anglers
Saturday 18 March 2017

A local bait shop offering 10% off for Glamorgan angler members.
Click the image below to view website

International Carp Team Trials
Friday 17 March 2017
Does anyone member fancy fishing for wales in the international carp squad. If so click the links below for information and application form.
Information pdf
Application pdf
Junior Rod Licenses 
Wednesday 15 March 2017

This year NRW no longer charge for Junior Rod Licenses for 12 To 16 year olds. You still need to apply on line at www.gov.uk and search fishing license.
Fill in the application and they will issue a reference number. This is the license for Juniors. No physical license will be issued.

Restore Our Rivers - River Ely Clean Project Launch & Litter Pick
Wednesday 15 March 2017

In 2016 Cardiff’s Environmental Scrutiny Committee set up the Restore Our Rivers inquiry to look into the problems facing local rivers and to identify how these could be resolved.  To deliver this work they drew in the support of Dwr Cymru / Welsh Water, Natural Resources Wales, Keep Wales Tidy, South East Wales Rivers Trust, Glamorgan Anglers, Cardiff Rivers Group and Groundwork Wales.

To celebrate the work of the Restore Our Rivers Group and to raise the profile of the planned events for the River Ely Clean the group is running an organised litter pick at Grangemoor Park in Cardiff on Tuesday 21st March 2017.  The event will start at 10am and finish at 12pm.  A link showing the location to Grangemoor Park is provided below:

If you interested in taking part please contact Richard Bowen on 02920 873606 or email him at rbowen@cardiff.go.uk.  Equipment for the litter pick will be made available on the day and the event will be supported by Keep Wales Tidy.  Those taking part should meet in the car park for Grangemoor Park between 9:45am and 10am – the car park is next to the roundabout on Dunleavy Drive. 

Roach breeding pool work update
Wednesday 15 March 2017

The photo below is the finished stock pond with otter proof fences and protective net covering. All that is now required is the solar pumps and auto-feeders feeders.

roach pool
Springtime events
Monday 13 March 2017

With Spring on its way, next month we see our Club Competitions starting up.

Saturday 22nd April - 24 hour Carp Comp
Treoes Pond, Barry.
Details contact Kev Hunt on 07971 252142

Thursday 27th April - Disabled Group Comp
Treoes Pond
Details contact Amanda Joseph on 07837 130351

Saturday 29th April ‎- Junior and Ladies Comp
Carols Pond, Barry
Details contact Andy Hoare on 07543 216986

Pike Season.
Saturday 11 March 2017

Would all members please be aware that the Pike Season ends March31st.  
As there seems to be quite a few members who are interested in Pike Fishing, prior to the Pike Season reopening 1st of October, the Club will organise a Pike Fishing ‎ teach in, to allow members wishing to give Pike fishing a go the chance to see the correct way to fish for Pike safely.

Glamorgan Anglers Club LTD Bonus ball lottery
Wednesday 1 March 2017
New!!! Match the bonus ball from Saturday's national lottery and WIN A £30 TACKLE VOUCHER!
For more information how to enter and rules click here for pdf file or here for word doc.
The Taff Roach Project breeding ponds
Tuesday 7 March 2017

The Taff Roach Project breeding ponds are almost completed. Brian and Andy are finishing off the otter proof fencing and will then cover the ponds with a Cormorant proof net. It is hoped that we can have the first spawning brood stock later this year.

Click the image to view bigger
Taff roach project
Treoes closure
Sunday 26 February 2017

Would all members please be aware that Treoes will be closed from 1st March to 31st March, (both dates inclusive).

further consultation on Access and Outdoor Recreation
Wednesday 22 February 2017

Welsh Government announce further consultation on Access and Outdoor Recreation

Click here to read more
Caerau Angling Supplies
Wednesday 22 February 2017

Caerau Angling Supplies in Cardiff now offering a 10% discount to members

Fancy a fishing holiday in France
Monday 20 February 2017

Are you interested in a Fishing holiday in France? Then check out this venue in Haute Vienne/Charente border.  It comes with accommodation so no bivvy needed.
Click for more info here

Pond closure update
Friday 17 February 2017

Barry Ponds – Sues Pond
The Committee has discussed the predation issue at Sues Pond, Barry, which we feel that not closing the Pond in April as was originally planned, will allow members on the water to deter the Cormorants from feeding on the pond constantly.

Treoes Pond Closure
Treoes Pond will be closed to Members from 1st March 2017 to 31st March 2017 . The Pond will re-open 1st April 2017.

Groes Faen – Bishops Pond.
Friday 10 February 2017

Bishops Pond will be Closed Friday 10th Feb 17 for Maintenance Work.

Members Security on Club Waters
Monday 5 February 2017

On Sunday 05 Feb, one of our Club members/Bailiffs had his van broken into at Pyscodlin Mawr Pond and a great deal of fishing gear was stolen. The member was approached by what he described as Eastern Europeans, who initially asked what time he was fishing to. When the member loaded up his van and returned to the pond for his unhooking mat, the vehicle was broken into and the tackle stolen. We have since been told that another member was approached again by what is described as Eastern Europeans at Groes-Faen ( Bishops Pond) and asked a similar question whilst fishing.
If you are approached by these people, please contact the Head Bailiff immediately, as we believe these individuals are also poaching our waters at night.
The Head Bailiffs contact number is on your Club License. If anyone is offered fishing gear that you think could be stolen, again please let us know.

48 hour Charity Event 2017
Tuesday 31 January 2017
There are only 3 places left on this year's 48 hour event. If any member is interested and would like to take part either email: secretary@ glamorgananglersckub.co.uk or call 07804 097857. Juniors are welcome if accompanied by a senior club member.
Good local online tackle shop
Thursday 26 January 2017
A good local fishing tackle shop that has been endorsed to us by some of our members. WITH FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS.
Click the image below to view the website.
Glamorgan Anglers Club on the bbc
Thursday 25 August 2016
The bbc made a short clip about our records becoming public at the Glamorgan archives


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Ewenny Angling Supplies Ltd/TA Reel Fishing
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Gary Evans Tackle Shop.
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Ewenny Angling and Garry Evans tackle shops carry both application forms and keys for Glamorgan Anglers Club.
Exchange licences for Merthyr and Newport Clubs are available from both shops.
Holton Road Angling
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Holton rd angling Barry Barrys premier fishing tackle shop.