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Latest Match Results

Junior Comp Albert Smith Cup September 1 2018

1st Eithan Philips  77.1lb
2nd Conner Murrel 33.10lb
Latest match results
Latest match results
Latest match results
Latest match results
Lads and dads August 19
1st John Hoare and Shane Lee    88lb
2nd Andy and Jevan King 55lb
Juniors Sues pond 02 September
1st John Hoare   128lb
2nd Micha Taylor 47lb
Latest match results
Junior match results Carols pond April 29 2017
  Over 12s  
Runner up

John Hoare   
Jevan king 

23lb 12oz
9lb 10oz

  Under 12s  

Runner up

James Dible  
Alfie Ostelr

17lb 12oz
8lb 4oz

February Match results
Treoes 5th February
1st Mike Towler      25lb 2oz
2nd Martyn Giddy  20lb 14oz
3rd Steve Deacon 16lb 10oz
Treoes  26th February
1st Dean Jay 20lb 8oz
2nd John Cox 19lb 4oz
2nd Martyn Giddy  19lb 4oz
January Match results
8th January Treoes.
1st Peter White 23lb 4oz
2nd Mike Towler 19lb 8oz
3rd Steve Cother 18lb 12oz
22nd January Treoes.
1st Nicky Parsons 14lb 4oz
2nd Lyn Villas 13lb 12oz
3rd Peter White 13lb 6oz
Final Match results and standings for 2016
Friday 6 January 2017
6th November, Treoes.
1st Martyn Giddy 34lb 14oz
2nd Nicky Parsons 19lb 4oz
3rd Dave Pike 11lb 6oz
13th November, Mathern Mill.
1st John Calli 120lb 6oz
2nd Martyn Giddy 86lb
3rd Jim Palmer 70lb 12oz
20th November, Cefn Mably Match lake.
1st Dave Pike 46lb 12 oz
2nd Mal Entwistle 38lb 4oz
3rd Jim Palmer 32lb 10oz
27th November, Treoes.
1st Austin Roberts 21lb 8oz
2nd Dean Jay 19lb 2oz
3rd Jim Palmer 19lb 4oz
Club Championship 2016
1st Charlie Rawlings 168 1/2 points
2nd Dave Pike 165 1/2 points
3rd Dean Jay 162 points
Senior Match results
Thursday 03 November 2016
Bridge pool Cefn  Mably 30th October.
1st Peter White 51 lb 4oz
2nd Ken Sherlock 39 lb 11oz
3rd Austin Roberts 38 lb 15oz
October Senior Match results.
Monday 24 October 2016
9th October Treoes
1st Mal Entwistle 33 lb
2nd Charlie Rawlings 28lb 2oz
3rd Rob Michael 23 lb
16th October Penny's
1st Lyn Villas 60 lb 2oz
2nd Russ Palmer 58 lb 2oz
3rd Dave Pike 57 lb 4oz
Junior and Ladies Bob Cane Cup. Gribbles
Monday 17 October 2016
Runner up
Jevan King
Jayden Rowley

27lb 14oz
10lb 8oz

Runner up
Donna Hoare
Micha Taylor
3lb 7oz
2lb 15oz
Junior and Ladies Paul Nelms Cup. Llantrythid Lake
Monday 17 October 2016
Runner up
Louie Roberts
Joseph Humphries

5lb 8oz
3lb 1oz


Runner up

Micha Tayler
Donna Hoare

2lb 1oz
1lb 2oz

24 Hour Carp Competition Carols pond 15th October.
Monday 17 October 2016

Biggest fish

Spam cup

Neil Angove  
Karl Cowdery
Neil Angove

Jeremy Curtis

40lb 7oz
8lb 8oz

2lb 8oz

Senior Match results 2nd October Cefn Mably Bridge pool
Tuesday 3 October 2016


Dean Jay
Claire Giddy  
Rob Michael

85lb 4oz
52lb 8oz

September Senior Match results.
Friday 30 September 2016
11th September Mathern Mill.


Dean Jay
John Calli 
Martyn Giddy

124lb 8oz
99 lb

18th September Cefn Mably


Russ Palmer
john Cox
Robert Michael

126lb 12oz
82lb 4oz
79lb 8oz.

25th September Sue's lake


Dean Jay
Jim Palmer
Nicky Parsons

88lb 2oz
40lb 2oz.

Septembers Carp Competition Results
Sunday 18 September 2016
Winner Neil Angove 146 lb
Runner up Mike Looker 122 lb 13 oz
Heaviest Carp Jeremy Curtis 13 lb 6 oz
The Spam Trophy was won by Kevin Hunt with 15 lb

Total fish caught over the 24 hours was 681lb
Senior Match Results 4th September, Penny's Red Hill
Monday 05 September 2016


John Calli
Dave Pike
Russell Palmer

79lb 4oz
55lb 8oz

Results of todays junior and women's competition 03 September 2016
Saturday 03 September 2016

Runner up

Junior Match
Jeven King
Conner Morrel

27.15 lb
12.10 lb

Runner up

women's Match
Donna Hoare
Micha Taylor

3.7 lb
2.15 lb

Senior Match Results
Friday 02 September 2016
Sunday 28th August, White Springs.


Dean Jay
Charlie Rawlings
Rob Michael

63 lb 8oz
63 lb 6oz
51 lb 4oz.

Senior Match Results
Tursday 16 August 2016
Senior Match Results
Saturday 9 July 2016

12th June    Pennys, Red Hill
1st C Rawlings         86lb 8oz
2nd P White              73lb 120z
3rd J Cox                   66lb 4oz
4th R Palmer             64lb 4oz

19th June     The Sedges
1st D Jay                     107lb 6oz
2nd J Taylor                87lb 8oz
3rd J Cox                     82lb 1oz

3rd July      Cefn Mably
1st R Michael             79lb  12oz
2nd M Giddy                49lb 6oz
3rd M Entwistle          48lb

48 Hour Charity Event 2016 – Treoes pond.
Tuesday 5 July 2016

So, yet another 48 hour Charity event has been completed by Club members. This year, our Website Administrator Julian Johnson took time out to make a short video of the event and why we do it. This can be found on both the Club web Site and Facebook page.
It must be said that although we had a few less Anglers this year, with a total of 33 Anglers taking Part, which included 3 Juniors, we did manage to raise so far £3,700.00 and the total is still rising, which our chosen Charity Y Bont will let us know the final figure in a month or so. This is because we were given 2 very special items to raise money with, which were a signed Rugby Ball from Ospreys RFC which Amanda Joseph provided and a signed Photo of Wales Footballer Gareth Bale, which Darren Hunt gave us. Both these items Y Bont will auction and let us know what they raised, but it goes without saying that with the success of Wales Football Team in the Euro 16 tournament, the signed Photo will raise we hope a significant amount of money. We would also like to say thanks to Club Treasurer Mike Bishop, who on his first ever Charity Event raised an amazing £1060.00 in sponsorship.
We cannot thank everyone individually for their efforts last weekend, but praise must go to head Bailiff Brian Dickman for cooking the BBQ for us, which went down a treat.
Although the weather at times went against us, the total weight of Fish caught was well over 2500lbs and the results for the fishing were:

1st Josh Bowley – 841lbs 10oz

2nd Jeremy Smallwood – 544lbs 4oz

Ladies winner – Jenny Collins – 254lbs 2oz

Junior Winner – John Hoare – 120lbs 6oz

Best Fish – Ian Lewis – 16lbs 4oz

Thanks to everyone who took part in the event and everyone who supported us, see you all next year.
If you would like to find out more about Y Bont go to their website here or facebook page here

Junior and Ladies Competition Results
Saturday 11 June 2016

Junior match 21.05.2016
Over 12s
Winner Finley scarlet 13.8lb
Runner Micha Tayler 7.11 lb

Under 12s
Winner James dible 20.12 lb
Runner up was Jaydn Rowley 3.10 lb

Winner Amanda Joseph 8.4 lb
Runner up Micha Tayler 7.11 lb

Junior match 04.06.2016
Over 12s
Winner Finley scarlet 14,2 lb
Runner up John hoare 10.3 lb

Under 12s
Winner kian Rowley 5.10 lb
Runner up Jaydn Rowley4.51b

Winner Amanda joseph 4.2 lb
Runner up Micha tayer 4.0 lb

Senior Match Results
Saturday 11 June 2016

Carol’s Lake                  

15th May

1st D.Pike                            
2nd C.Rawling                    
3rd S.Cother                        

66lb l4oz
41lb O4oz
40lb OOoz

Redhill (Pairs match)       

22nd May

1st R.Michael\D.Jay              
2nd D.Pike\A.Roberts             
3rd  J.Taylor\MaI Ent            

1281b l2oz
115lb 8oz
110lb 8oz

White Springs                    

29th May

1st R.Palmer                           
2nd P.White                            
3rd D.Pike                              

391b OOoz
371b O8oz
33Ib OOoz


5th June

1st  J.Tayor                              
2nd M.Towler                          
3rd  I.Stuart                             

63Ib OOoz
461b O4oz
411b OOoz

Senior match results
Saturday 14 May 2016
10th April Cefn Maldy
1st Rob Michael  56lbs
2nd Mal Entwistle 47lbs 12oz
3rd John Cox 45lbs
17th April Sues Lake
1st Mal Entwistle 50lbs 12oz
2nd Dave Pike  30lbs 8oz
3rd John Cox  23lbs 12oz


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