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GAC waters risk assess pdf
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Natural resources Wales is replacing the 0800 80 70 60 number for reporting pollution incidents and poaching etc. Please note new number below.

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NOTE 2 – please note that the Club is considering changing ALL locks on our gates in Spring 2024, so if this happens ALL existing keys will need to be exchanged. If this happens, all members will be emailed & notices will be put on our website and in tackle dealers with full details of how to exchange your keys.

NOTE 3 – We are aware that some members have incorrectly recorded their contact details in their profiles on Clubmate. Members must ensure they log in and CHECK and when necessary, CHANGE their details particularly their postal address and email address ect. This will ensure you receive communications from the Club.

Around the Waters:

Groes Faen - At the time of writing this Newsletter Bishops Pond (Groes Faen) is closed. This is due to a legal issue between landowners which affects our access to the pond. The club is working with a legal team and the owners of the Pond to help us with hopefully rectifying the situation. Any updates will be posted on the Club Web Site and by email thro Clubmate.

Treoes – as we move into the Autumn and Winter months, the expectation will be that the fishing will slow down with the winter frosts making fishing a little more difficult, however on those warmer days, you can expect to catch some carp and silvers although perch and pike fishing should pick up but please remember dead baits only which are blast frozen and no live baits. There are some very nice roach and bream in the pond and they will feed throughout the colder months.

Llantrythid – this lake continues to develop into a fine fishery which is becoming very popular with members. There is a good mix of species in the lake and the fish seem to be growing on well. The Crucian carp especially have grown on well and fish of 2lb plus are not rare. The carp are providing good sport on feeder set up, but will also be caught on float gear. There are plenty of Tench, Bream, Roach and Perch to target, although as it gets colder the Tench will slow down.

Barry Ponds – both ponds are very popular with members and it is rare not to see anglers on the water.

Sues pond has a good head of Carp which go to over 20lbs but the 5lb to 8lb fish are the most common. The pond also has a good head of Bream which if you put the time in do go over 8lbs if you find the shoals. Pike are also present which will provide winter sport. For Pike, dead baits only are permitted on the pond and must be blast frozen. No live baits permitted.

Carols Pond is popular as a mixed fishery with most species present including still water barbel that have grown to over 9lbs in some cases. On sunny winter days the Carp will feed and there is a good head of silver fish available. Pole anglers can target the shoals of silver fish during the colder months.

Pyscodlin Mawr – A very popular Carp fishery which does hold some good size specimens, also there are Grass Carp that do frequently get caught. Crucian Carp are a good size and Bream and Roach have grown on nicely. As with most waters, the Tench will slow up as the cold weather comes in. This water is popular with the public as well as horse riders, which we have no control over.

St Y Nyll Top pond – This is probably the only water the club has access to that does not hold any Carp, but does have a good number of Tench which many members like to try for during the warmer months and does test even the most experienced of anglers. As the Tench slow down, Pike are the target species in the autumn and Winter months. Again, dead baits only and must be blast frozen, no live baits. The Club has been working with the new owners of the pond and we do have continued access to the pond, but please do not try to fish or wander around the bottom pond. The Club will be working during the winter and spring to upgrade the platforms and access on the top pond.

River Taff – Good bags of Grayling for those who enjoy trotting a float especially around both Radyr and Gabalfa sections. Plenty of wild trout on all stretches and a few good Barbel reported. For those of you who enjoy river fishing, we have now stocked the Llandaff North stretch between Llandaff weir and Hailey park with Roach and Bream, so well worth giving it a go. Below Black weir has provided good sport for both Game and Coarse anglers.

River Wye (Monmouth) – some excellent bags of Barbel reported and again as it gets colder, Pike should start showing. The Club intends to install a few more accessible pegs hopefully in the close season to provide even better access.

River Trothy (Mitchell-Troy) No reports received although there are excellent bags of dace and small chub in the winter for those who like to trot a float on a small river.

River Ely – Very few reports but we do know that there are Perch, Chub, Roach, dace, and Barbel in the upper stretches around St Fagans and St Georges. The lower Ely does provide good Pike fishing, but it is a case of finding them. Roach and dace can be caught on the Lower stretch along with Bream if again you can seek them out.

Cardiff Bay – No reports received – If you venture onto the Barrage side for pike Fishing, spinning is permitted along with dead baits only.

Port Talbot dock. – Silver fishing has been a bit slower than in previous years, but plenty of Pike reported. You may use live baits caught on the dock for Pike as well as dead baits. Spinning is permitted.

It is important to note that if you intend Pike fishing on any of our waters, you must carry the correct equipment. Landing nets must be no less than 36-inch, Unhooking mats must be used. Semi barbed Snap Tackle only to be used. Please ensure that you have either long nose pliers or similar for unhooking. Minimum 15lb breaking strain line on your spool.

Roath Park Lake - You may be aware that the Club have been in talks with Cardiff City Council in regards to taking on the Angling Licence on the Lake. Talks are ongoing and we will advise all members of any outcome when it happens.

Treasurers Report – Mike Bishop

Members who attended the 2023 AGM in May 23 will have seen my report on the Club’s financial position for the year ended 31 March 2023. In brief, the Club recorded another successful year of Income with (as usual) a considerable amount of that Income spent on maintaining our Angling Facilities. We continue to set Funds aside each year, in a “Ring Fenced Fund” to enable us to afford to purchase or build, another new Lake. All monies received from the Sale of Gribbles have been added to this Fund which, when an opportunity arises, will be utilised for a New Water. If any member knows of a suitable piece of land to build a lake or an existing lake that the Club could purchase (or indeed rent), please contact me or our Secretary for us to look into. Contact details at the end of this Newsletter. My next detailed report on Club Finances will be at the 2024 AGM which should take place on the 16 May 2024 at the Sophia Gardens Sports Centre, 7.00pm. Full details will be confirmed in our Spring 2024 Newsletter.

Secretaries Report – Adrian Corrigan

As the summer fishing comes to an end, we have had a lot of new members join the club over the last few seasons. I would like to welcome you all to the club you will find the majority of your fellow members are very friendly and freely give advice if asked. I would also like to say to all new and existing members please read and follow the club rules (On Clubmate, from the menu, choose Terms & Conditions). The bailiff team will be checking nets and rigs all though the season. Big thanks to Chris Stott for taking on the running of the 24h carp comps if any members are interested in fishing the 24h carp comps look on the club website and Facebook page Chris posts details on both platforms. Another big thank you to Paul Addecott and Richard Turner for organizing and running to 48h charity weekend another outstanding success this year. Looking forwards to the next one, if you are interested in fishing next seasons 48h charity event details will be in the next newsletter and on the club website and Facebook page.

Chairmans Report – Richard Turner

It’s fair to say that this year has been a challenging one for the club, with the enforced sale of Gribbles, due to the issues with the pond not retaining water and with access to Groes Faen being blocked. We are working hard to reinstate access and once we do so, there will need to be some significant work done to make the water fishable – Keep your eyes on the website and your Clubmate e-mail as work party volunteers are always welcome! An update on Roath Park is contained elsewhere in the letter but our Membership Secretary Paul and Treasurer Mike are doing a sterling job negotiating the licence with Cardiff Council. We now also have permission from Monmouth Council (Thanks again to Mike) to install more swims on the Monmouth, Hadnock Road bank. This will likely happen in the spring. We continue to try to provide all members with quality facilities and fishing and hopefully you will agree that the results speak for themselves we hope you continue to enjoy your fishing through the winter. Finally, can I ask that you all check club rules particularly relating to fish care, including landing net sizes and use of unhooking mats when targeting carp, pike and barbel. The rules are in place to protect our valuable stocks, so please treat them with the care they deserve.

Head Bailiff Report – Brian Dickman

As is customary, firstly I would like to thank my team of club bailiffs for their ongoing support and hard work on our waters. These bailiffs do all their work voluntarily and give their time to the club. I have of late seen an increase in mouth damage

mainly to our Carp stocks, which seems to be getting worse. Could I please ask any members who Carp fish to carry a carp care spray that can be purchased quite cheaply from most Angling outlets or can be ordered on Amazon. I know that quite a few of you do carry Carp care kits and use them when required, so thanks for that. I have spent quite a lot of time introducing Roach and Bream into the river Taff at Llandaff, some of which are good size fish and well worth fishing for. I am hoping that they will establish in the Llandaff stretch and provide members with good river silver fish fishing. I hope to be able to do some work on the pegs at St Y Nyll in the close season and have the pond ready for it re opening 1 June 24.

As has already been identified in the newsletter, please ensure you have the correct equipment when Pike fishing on our waters, I have instructed my Team to check Pike gear whenever possible. This is also relevant to Carp fishing, which again requires the correct equipment. It does help if when you are on a Club water that you check the licenses of other anglers around the water, this doesn’t mean everyone walk around, it only needs one to do a quick check. If you find someone who is not a member on our waters, do not get yourself into a situation, just politely ask them to leave, if you get a negative attitude, walk away and call me so I can get a Bailiff to assist. I will be organising a few work parties, which will be advertised on the Club web site and Clubmate, so could I ask that if you are available, please come along as more hands make for lighter work. Finally, thanks to all members who have volunteered and helped on various work parties, it is a great help to the Club.

Membership Secretary – Paul Addecott

Over the past few years, we have had to close our full membership book early in the spring, simply due to the numbers of people wanting to join the Club and I envisage this will be the same in 2024. Existing Club members will be able to renew their membership on Clubmate or by post from 1st December 2023 to 28th February 2024 before we open the portal up to new members on 1st March 2024. Once the limit has been reached, I will close the full membership portal. Juniors can continue to join as can Taff only members. The Joining instructions are in the newsletter along with a printable postal application form. If you are using Clubmate, please be careful to ensure you renew with the correct license type and when making payment, give the system time to confirm your payment before re-trying as several members have paid twice by not allowing the payment confirmation to go through. When this happens it is time consuming for both myself and our Treasurer to arrange a payment back to the individual. If you do get any issues that you require assistance with please either use the Clubmate comms tab or email to

I would like to thank you for your support of the Club and hope you continue to renew your membership for the next year.

Disabled Angling – Ian Lewis

We have had a very successful season with our disabled group fishing for the new “Reel Fishing” shield kindly donated by Ewenny Angling and with one more comp to fish, at the time of going to print, the winner of the seasons league is still undecided. I hope we can have a bigger disabled group next year, if you would like any information please do not hesitate to contact me, my details are on the club contacts page of the web site or further on in this newsletter.

Coaching report – Ian Lewis

This year we had a very successful program with several new groups as well as some of the existing groups from last year.

New groups are from Ty Pen Y Bont day care centre, Pyle Daycare Centre, Cardiff Day Services and Vale Home Education Group. A big thank you to the coaching team for all their help.

48 Hour Charity Event

As usual our annual 48-hour charity event was nothing short of a blast, with everyone enjoying themselves and plenty of fish caught over the event. Thanks go to Rob and Matt Clarke for doing a great job on the BBQ and the ladies who cooked us a full English, which was a great start to the mornings. The Winners were:

Senior winner Jen Collins and Junior winner Patrick John. Details for next years event will be in the Spring newsletter.

New Years Eve Charity event 2023

This years New Years Eve charity event will take place as usual at Treoes. The event is open to all club members. To book a place please either provide your name via the Clubmate Comms or text 07804 097857. Entry is £10 for Seniors and £5 for Juniors. There will also be a raffle. Winner of the fishing event wins a year’s free membership.

Club Officials Contact Details:

CHAIRMAN: Mr. Richard Turner.

SECRETARY: Mr. Adrian Corrigan VICE CHAIRMAN: Mr. Calvin Davies

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY: Mr. Paul Addecott. Glamorgan Anglers Club PO Box 220 BARRY CF63 9FZ Telephone 07804 097857 (after 6pm only) TREASURER: Mr. Mike Bishop.

NIGHT GROUP POND BOOKINGS: Mr. Brian Dickman. Mobile:07510 223621 HEAD BAILIFF: Mr. Brian Dickman. Telephone :07510 223621 Note: The Head Bailiff will not deal with License Issues.

HEAD COACH. Mr Ian Lewis. Mobile : 07824 430683 CLUB HEALTH and SAFETY OFFICER: Daniel Owens h&


24 HOUR CARP COMPETITIONS: Mr. Chris Stott Tel : 07988 801532 DISABLED ANGLING CO-ORDINATOR: Mr Ian Lewis. Mobile: 07824 430683

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Angling Information
Invasive Shrimp Information Leaflet PDF
EA Catch and Release Leaflet 2011 PDF
Killer Shrimp Biosecurity PDF
Fishery disinfection measures PDF