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Application forms are  available for the 2018/2019 Season.
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GAC Waters risk assessment

Important: all members must read.

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Sustainable Access Campaign Cymru
A coalition of organisations that support a common sense approach to public access to land and water in Wales to benefit both users and landowners
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Natural resources Wales is replacing the 0800 80 70 60 number for reporting pollution incidents and poaching etc. Please note new number below.

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Fish care
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Club Rules

1) Licences and Permits  

A.     All members must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod licence and a club permit, before starting to fish. These must be produced on request from Club/E.A Bailiffs or other bona fide Club Members. Any person unable to produce either, or both, documents will be asked to leave Club waters.

B.     No member shall lend or transfer his/her membership to another person, on penalty of expulsion from the Club.

C.     Anyone suspended or banned from this, or any other, Angling Club for disciplinary reasons is not allowed to accompany any member whilst the latter is fishing Club waters.

D.     Unless stated otherwise the normal Coarse fishing season is from the 16th of June to the 14th of March inclusive.

E.      Fishing the River Taff between the weir and the downstream markers is strictly prohibited. (E.A By-Law).

F.      Members may fish with up to two rods, except Gribbles Covet and Cadoxton Ponds (Sues and Carols). [See 8B/9H] [NFG members are allowed to use 3 rods between certain hours {see NFG rules} to do so they must possess two rod licences (E.A By-Law).

G.     Two or more People fishing on a Family Permit are allowed a maximum of three rods in total and should limit themselves to one swim if a fishery is crowded.

H.    Members children under 12yrs of age do not require a club permit. However, they must be accompanied by an adult club member [over 18 yrs of age & preferably a parent] at all times. The youngster must fish in the same swim as the adult and is limited to one rod only. Do not allow youngsters to wander unsupervised. Swim access is limited for youngsters on St y Nyll [see 10A].


2) Personal Conduct.  

A.     Members must respect the environment and minimise disruption of wildlife.

B.     Members must keep disturbance & noise to a minimum at all times, especially with regard to local residents living near club waters.

C.     Leaving an unattended rod and line with its bait, or hook, in the water is prohibited. (Max distance 3 metres [3m max distance] (E.A By-Law).

D.     When fishing with two, or more, rods they should be placed so that the distance between the farthest butt ends does not exceed 3 metres [9'9"] (E.A By-Law).

E.     When parking and using private roads members must be considerate of others and not restrict parking or access.

F.     Members must shut gates behind them to safeguard property, crops and livestock on all club waters.

H.     Members shall at all times remain within the boundaries of club waters and must not trespass on adjoining land.

I.      Members must not interfere with the flow of water into, or out of, any club water or any device, that controls the flow of such water; without the permission of the committee.

J.     Fishing is permitted from the bank-side only and the use of boats, other than for authorised work on club waters, is not permitted.

K.     The use of night or dead lines is strictly prohibited.

L.     The sailing of bait boats or any [model/remotely controlled] craft is prohibited on all club waters.

M.     Swimming, Camping or Caravanning are all prohibited on all club waters.

N.     No member is to carry firearms on club waters without the permission of the committee.

O.     No members are allowed to have dogs or any other animal accompany them whilst fishing club waters.

P.      The pruning of trees or undergrowth is prohibited unless sanctioned by the committee.

Q.     The lighting of fires without the express permission of the committee is prohibited.

R.     Portable stoves may be used by all members except juniors. Their use at Pysgodlyn mawr, St y Nyll and Cadoxton ponds is prohibited. [Forestry commission, Plymouth estate and Dow Corning rulings]. Discretion is expected in dry conditions on all other waters.

S.     Radios, TV's etc are prohibited without the use of headphones or an earpiece.

T.      Members are expected to check the membership credentials of other persons fishing club waters whenever possible.


3) Night Fishing.
. Fishing is only allowed between lhr before sunrise & lhr after sunset.

B. No night fishing. Except GAC NFG on Bishop’s, Cadoxton, Pysgodlyn, Treoes & Llantrithyd.

4) Tackle.
Keep nets must comply with EA law.

B. All members must possess/use a suitable landing net, min 22” [55cm] in diameter or along the shortest arm. When Pike/Carp fishing the net must be at least 36”/9Ocm or for Barbel 30/75cm in the same areas.

C. All members must be in possession of suitable hook disgorgers.

D. When Carp/Pike fishing members must possess suitable forceps for hook removal and possess/use an unhooking mat.

E. The use of keep sacks is prohibited.

F. The use of a gaff is prohibited. (EA. Bylaw).

G. Lead weights below 25gms are prohibited unless they are an integral tackle part except No.8 split shot or smaller. (EA. Bylaw).

H. Single hook rigs only are to be used, except 2-hook Pike snap tackle. [See 6K].

5) Game Fish.
A club Game permit is required to fish for Salmon and Sea trout.

B. The Game Fishing season starts/ceases according to dates set by EA bylaws.

C. Foul hooked Trout must be returned to the water immediately. (EA. Bylaw).

D. Salmon and Sea Trout must be returned to the water unharmed. (EA Bylaw).

E. Trout under 12” [30.5cm] must be returned.

F. A maximum of two brown trout may be taken on any one day.

G. Spinning only allowed on the River Taff with a Club Game permit.

H. Fly-fishing for Grayling and Brown Trout is permissible on a Club Coarse permit but all fish must be returned immediately.

I. Fly-fishing for Grayling and Brown Trout on the Taff is permissible between 15th March and 16 June subject to local Bylaws.

6) Fish Care [See 4A, B, C, D, E & F.]
. It is the responsibility of every member, to ensure the welfare of any fish caught.

B. Fixed lead/method feeder rigs are prohibited. If the hook link does not easily detach from the weight then the rig is unacceptable. [Bailiff’s decision is final].

C. The transfer of any species of fish to, or from, any water is strictly prohibited unless authorised by the committee. (LA Bylaw)

D. No member shall remove any coarse fish, dead or alive, from any club water, unless authorised by the committee.

E. The use of live fish as bait is strictly prohibited on all club waters.

F. In adverse conditions keep nets may be banned. [Determined by Club Officials].

G. The use of Towels/Rags etc to hold fish, whether wet or dry, is prohibited.

H. No fish over 31b [1.5kg] should be kept in a keep net. Sacks banned]. Large fish should be weighed, photographed and returned as soon as possible.

I. No Large Carp are to be retained in nets or sacks. Such action will be construed as an attempt to steal fish and the offender dealt with accordingly.

J. Pike Fishing on St y Nyll and Susan’s lake is only allowed between Oct 1st and March 31st inclusive.

K. Pike snap tackle must use semi-barbiess hooks only, on all club waters.


7) Litter.
A. Members are responsible for any litter in their swim, regardless of who left it. Take a bag with you, inspect your swim before you fish and remove any litter, old tackle etc before you fish. At the end of your session check that you have not left litter — including cigarette ends etc!! Failure to do so will result in a club ban.

B. Any member caught depositing/leaving litter will be expelled from the club.

C. No tins, put Sweetcom etc in a bait box before you go fishing.

D. All broken off tackle must be retrieved whenever possible.

8) Special
Rules applying to Cadoxton Ponds FSusan and Caroll.
. No fires or stoves.

B. Only Glamorgan members are allowed to fish the lakes. [No Friends/Visitors].

C. Junior members must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

D. Members must obey instructions from Dow Corning officials. [Site security].

E. Fishing is only allowed from the marked swims.

F. No person is to fish from, or disturb wildlife in, the reed/conservation areas.

G. Barbiess hooks only.

H. Single Rod or Pole only.

L A maximum of 3kg of ground bait, this includes all particles maggots etc.

J. No fish are to be transferred from one lake to the other [Club stocking excepted].

9) Special rules applying to Gribbles Covert
A. Barbiess hooks only.

B. Single Rod or Pole only — due to the limited size of the pool.

C. The use of heavy carp gear is not necessary and is to be discouraged.

10) Special
rules applying to Sty NvIL
No youngster is allowed anywhere on the lake, except the Dam wall even when accompanied by an adult member, due to the danger of deep water/silt.

B. No Junior members are allowed on the lake unless accompanied by an adult.

11) Usage.
The Club prohibits the commercial exploitation of its waters or facilities by any other organisation, group, individual or member(s).

12) Special rules applying to Barry Ponds

Major Emergency Procedure in the event of an Emergency
When the klaxon sounds 3 seconds on & 3 seconds off for 5 minutes
1. You need to evacuate the area
2. Leave all equipment behind & depart the area in your car
3. When home contact the main gate on 01446 723100 or South gate on 01446 723380
to inform them you are off site
4. You may return to the site when the all clear is given







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