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2020/2021 Application Form
Application forms are  available for the 2018/2019 Season.
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GAC Waters risk assessment

Important: all members must read.

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Sustainable Access Campaign Cymru
A coalition of organisations that support a common sense approach to public access to land and water in Wales to benefit both users and landowners
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Natural resources Wales is replacing the 0800 80 70 60 number for reporting pollution incidents and poaching etc. Please note new number below.

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Recomended Safe Carp Rigs
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Fish care
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Night Fishing Group Rules

1. Only Current club members are allowed to join the NFG. [NB The unnamed partner on a Husband/Wife permit does not count as a full member and must apply for full membership first or at the same time Senior/Concess etc].
No joining fee will be levied in these curcumstances.

2. Applicants must have been a member of GAC for a minimum of 2 consecutive years prior to application for NFG membership. [junior and husband/wife membership count here - but please see 1 above and 3 below]

3. Junior Members are not permitted to join the NFG, (this is for Safety Reasons)

4. The NFG is restricted to a maximum of 50 members.

5. Applications must be made in writing to join the NFG to the Club Membership Secretary. (Do not send Cheques with initial application)

6. All applications will be considered by the Committee and the Committee reserves the right to reject any application without giving a reason.

7. Present Members of the NFG will be given priority to rejoin up until the renewal date of 31st March.

8. If after 31st March the places on the NFG are not filled, then consideration will be given to applicants on the waiting list. (See items 1, 2, 3 and 4.)

9. If an applicant satisfies the criteria for joining the NFG, the applicant on top of the waiting list will be given first refusal.

10. If applicants satisfy all joining criteria and applications were made on the same date, priority will be given to the member with the longest concurrent membership.

11. The Membership Secretary will inform members considered eligible to join the NFG in writing. If no reply is received within 14 days then the member will be removed from the waiting list.

12. When you receive notice [as 11 above] you must supply a Passport type photograph, Car[s] registration, contact Telephone number and the current £40.00 membership fee. (Cheque or Postal Order made out to Glamorgan Anglers Club Ltd) as well as the approptiate normal club fee - one cheque for both is OK. [see 13 below]

13. If an applicant has a current Club permit, there is no need to pay again just send the NFG fee but please return your current permit with your NFG application as it will need to be upgraded.


Night Fishing Group Rules 2011.

1. Where appropriate all Club Rules apply.

2. Night Fishing is limited to Treoes Pond, Llantrythid and Pysgodlin Mawr Pond, (See special Notes regarding Pysgodlin Mawr)

3. Night Fishing is strictly limited to NFG members and approved guests.

4. No more than 12 NFG Members are allowed to night fish Treoes or Llantrythid. (See special Notes regarding Pysgodlin Mawr)

5. The maximum time of any single fishing session is 48 hours.

6. Any NFG member fishing the night prior to an organised Club Match must vacate the swim by 6am. Details of all organised Club Matches are posted on the Club Web Site, Newsletters and Notice Boards.

7. Two rods are allowed, except between and including the dates1st October to 31st March, when the use of 3 rods will be permitted between the hours of dusk till dawn, 8PM to 7AM.

8. Only normal shelters are permitted (Bivvies/Brollies), Fishing from Cars, Vans or Trailers is unacceptable.

9. Visitors are not normally permitted during the night period; Non Compliance with this rule could result in forfeiture of your NFG/Club Membership with no compensation.

10. If an NFG Member desires to take another Club Member as a guest :

An Application to the Club Membership Secretary 30 days prior to the proposed night fishing session. The application must include:

·         NFG Members Name and License Number

·         Club Guest Name and License Number

·         A fee of £6.00 per Guest, Per 24 Hour Session.

·         Date of proposed session

·         A Maximum of 24 hours per session if an NFG Member and Guest are Fishing.

·         Guests are only permitted to use 1 rod

·         Junior Guests must be accompanied by an Adult NFG Member at all times and must share the same swim.

·         The maximum number of guests at any fishing session is 1 per NFG Member, NFG members are permitted 3 x 24 Hour single Guest sessions per calendar year.

·         Please send a cheque with your application made out to Glamorgan Anglers Club Ltd

·         Applications must be sent to: GAC Membership Secretary, 4 Heol Don, Whitchurch, Cardiff . CF14 2AU

·         At any time an NFG Member has a guest on a Club Water, a maximum of 3 rods in total are to be used between them.

·         Guests must either fish the same swim or adjacent swims to the NFG Member

11. NFG Members must ring Colin Farnham prior to any night fishing (Number Above), providing details of water to be fished, expected arrival time, date of session and expected duration of session.


Rules Applying to Pysgodlin Mawr:

A) A maximum of 4 NFG members will be permitted to night fish Pysgodlin Mawr pond on any Night. (Close Season rules apply).

B) Any NFG Members wishing to night fish Pysgodlin Mawr Pond must notify Colin Farnham a minimum of 5 days prior to the intended visit. (07813 001869), Colin will confirm if the required date for fishing at night is not booked.

C) No Guests are Permitted on Pysgodlin Mawr on any Night Fishing Session.

D) NFG Members Night Fishing Pysgodlin Mawr must be set up prior to 1 hour before Dark and must vacate no earlier than 7 am.

E) Maximum of 1 night per session per NFG Member at any one time.

F) Stoves are not Permitted at any time. Any NFG Member reported for using a stove or cooker on Pysgodlin Mawr will forfeit their NFG and Club Membership with no compensation.

G) The Committee has the right to change the Night Fishing Rules for Pysgodlin Mawr at any time.

H) NFG Members must ensure that no noise disturbance is caused to residents in the local area, especially entering or leaving the site. Any NFG Member reported to the Club due to noise disturbance will have their Membership revoked with no compensation.

N.B. It has taken a great deal of negotiation and time and effort by Committee members to secure Night fishing on Pysgodlin Mawr Pond. Please do not abuse the privilege and spoil the enjoyment for all.

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